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Dr. Ernest Holmes
Dr. Robert Bitzer
Dr. Domenic Polifrone
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Lord's Prayer
Be Still and Know


From "Collected Essays Of Robert Bitzer" - 

If you create something you do not like, you can change it.  What you create you can un-create.

       If conditions do not loosen their grip on you, perhaps you are not in your effective place.  Consciousness establishes its own conditions.  If things in your outer world are not moving fast enough, you need to clear your consciousness.  Perhaps you are not doing what you really want to do and are trying to use willpower to make things happen.  Don't try to go through the stone wall.  Go back in consciousness.  Change your idea, change your evaluation.  Resistance, obstructions, and opposition could mean you are off your path.

      Get still and let the new idea come through.  Find yourself on your right path.  Here things work smoothly, joyously, and powerfully.  Stop struggling and forcing.  "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit."  Let God be you.

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          Dr. Robert H. Bitzer ( 1896 - 1994) Founder and Spiritual Director of  the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, wrote several books and gave hundreds of classes during his career.  The Hollywood Church of Religious Science was the Hallmark Church in the Religious Science movement.  Even today, Dr. Bitzer's tapes are treasured by people all over the world.  His lessons on Spiritual Mind Treatment (also known as Scientific Prayer) are masterful teachings.

Dr. Bitzer began his ministry at the landmark Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and Rev Bates followed in his footsteps presenting his "The Way To A Wonderful Life" message there Sunday mornings before moving on to venues outside of Hollywood.

Dr. Bitzer's Hollywood Church of Religious Science building was sold in September, 2005, and the name has been changed to The Science Of Mind Center of Hollywood, heralding the end of this church which was once considered the Hallmark Church in the Religious Science Movement.  This building was a prominent landmark on Sunset Boulevard for 72 years.  This new name represents a new beginning for this organization and we can know that all is in Divine right action.  The photo at left was taken by Dr. Bitzer himself. 

The only book currently in print is his "Collected Essays."  "All Power To You" is out of print, but can be read on this site with a forward by Rev. Henry Lee Bates.  Dr. Bitzer's words created statements and treatments that filled the mind with absolute authority and conviction.  He is truly one of the greatest metaphysicians of the 20th Century.  His work, if studied and embodied, can
change someone's life completely.  His work is known all over the world and the "Meditation Of Thankfulness" below has been read by thousands of people as well as "The Law Of Mind."  

   From "Collected Essays " page 19:  "No matter what you are attempting to do, always get the vision before you begin to work.  See the completed demonstration.  If you are buying a house, think of it as completely furnished and completely paid for.  Even though you may take out a mortgage on it, treat that it is completely paid for.  For the first property our church bought, we worked that way.  Instead of waiting twenty years to pay off the mortgage, we did it in eight years."

               From "Collected Essays" page 20:  "As for money.  I have never worked for money.  I depend upon divine Principle. I have never experienced lack, because I know the source of my supply.  I never depend upon the channel but only on the source.  I am open to all avenues through which my good comes.  I thank everyone who is an instrument and show my appreciation, because no one has to be a part of my demonstration.  However, the source blesses and prospers everyone that it uses.  Understanding this law, we are never imposed upon, nor can we impose upon someone else.  Bless everyone through whom your good comes.  I have always been governed by this law - long before I ever heard of metaphysics."

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by Robert Bitzer

I thank Thee,
That Thou has made me in the image and likeness
Of Thine own Divinity.
That Thou has held me close to the heart of 
Thine Infinity.
And warmed me with the presence of Thy
Divine Love.

I thank Thee,
That Thou has breathed into me the courage
To move ever forward
That my faith is made perfect in works
Fulfilling Thy Divine purpose.
That Thy unlimited Power
Fills me.

I thank Thee,
That Thy loving tenderness gives me a deep insight
Into the lives of those around me.
That compassion makes me see beyond their struggles
That loving kindness helps me lift them
Above their weakness and confusion
And makes them strong.

I thank Thee,
That Thy goodness surrounds me
That within me thou hast created the desire for Good.
That Thou are revealed in my Infinite Self and
In every person, every place and in everything
I find Thee.

                                        I thank Thee.

"Collected Essays Of Robert Bitzer"
Mentors of New Thought Series
THE POWER OF PURPOSE (pages 77 & 78)

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are motivated by purpose, and all of their activities are geared toward achieving that goal.  The purpose must be one in which you can put all your creativeness.  Your interest must be all-consuming.  Lacking a powerful, positive purpose, an individual's life has no direction.  Lethargy and inertia are bound to settle in.

            Fortified with a purpose you can never settle for half-way measures.  You know where you are going and why.  What you do is important to you, because life is important.  This purpose gives direction to all activities.  This does not necessarily mean that you are single-minded.  Although extreme specialization seems to be the rule with physicians, lawyers, and business consultants, in other areas exactly the opposite is the case.

          For instance, President Dwight Eisenhower, a multi-talented individual, was an outstanding military figure, statesman, and painter.  Similarly, Winston Churchill was a great naval officer, statesman, painter, and author.  Many famous athletes, actors, and writers have become musicians of note.  But whatever the purpose, whether it seems great or small, the intensity of your creativeness and enthusiasm gives it its power.  It must have tremendous meaning to you, and you must have great anticipation of its complete fulfillment.

         Believe in your divine calling.  "Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might show my power in you."  While you may have many problems and face almost insurmountable difficulties, your power is in your purpose.  You must know where you are going and why, and you depend on a guiding Intelligence to get you there.

         It is much easier to work successfully when you relate your purpose to life.  The athlete may not particularly enjoy strenuous exercise and discipline, but he or she relates it to the strength and power necessary for attainment.  Without purpose, you scatter energy.  Purpose conserves and directs.  The purpose in treatment is not merely to control your thinking but to develop the power of creative thought so that you can produce in your experience the conditions you desire.  The sincerity of your purpose controls everything that you do.  You can attain your objective.

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