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From "Collected Essay Of Robert Bitzer" - 

If you create something you do not like, you can change it.  What you create you can un-create.

       If conditions do not loosen their grip on you, perhaps you are not in your effective place.  Consciousness establishes its own conditions.  If things in your outer world are not moving fast enough, you need to clear your consciousness.  Perhaps you are not doing what you really want to do and are trying to use willpower to make things happen.  Don't try to go through the stone wall.  Go back in consciousness.  Change your idea, change your evaluation.  Resistance, obstructions, and opposition could mean you are off your path.

      Get still and let the new idea come through.  Find yourself on your right path.  Here things work smoothly, joyously, and powerfully.  Stop struggling and forcing.  "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit."  Let God be you.

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by Robert H. Bitzer

With a Forward by Rev. Bates
2002. Henry Lee Bates, Inc. All rights reserved.

          Dr. Robert H. Bitzer ( 1896 - 1994) Founder and Spiritual Director of  the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, wrote several books and gave hundreds of classes during his career.  The only book currently in print is his "Collected Essays."  "ALL POWER TO YOU" is out-of-print, but I am offering it as an honor and a tribute to this Great Metaphysician who was also the first Religious Science Master Teacher I was exposed to.

When I walked into the Hollywood Church of Religious Science in March of 1991, I wasn't prepared to meet a Master Teacher, but I did, and he was Dr. Robert H. Bitzer.  Even Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and author of the "Science of Mind," recognized Dr. Bitzer's genius and understanding of Principle.  He stated, "Bob teaches the textbook better than I do.".

Dr. Bitzer's Hollywood Church of Religious Science building was sold in September, 2005, and the name has been changed to The Science Of Mind Center of Hollywood, heralding the end of this church which was once considered the Hallmark Church in the Religious Science Movement.  This building was a prominent landmark on Sunset Boulevard for 72 years.  This new name represents a new beginning for this organization and we can know that all is in Divine right action. 

This small but concise book, "All Power To You," will change your life for the better even more so than you can imagine.  Dr. Bitzer uses the term "Treatment," the term "Scientific Prayer" is synonymous with the word "treatment."

Maximum Blessings,
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates
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"All Power To You" by Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

By Robert H. Bitzer
Original Copyright 1940 By Robert H. Bitzer, Hollywood, California
2002. Henry Lee Bates, Inc. All rights reserved.
                     TO YOU -

WHO, upon Life's Highway seek Power
To fulfill the Purpose of Being
And attain your Highest Good,
Understanding those around you-
Expressing Love and Peace
       toward all:
That YOUR Word my heal and
Lifting those who need Strength,
Bringing them Joy in their hour-
Thus glorifying the Father
            ALL POWER TO YOU
                 Robert H. Bitzer
"ALL POWER is given me in Heaven and in earth."


    YOUR LIFE is a quest for Power - the power to get what you go after - the power that will heal and keep you well - the power to make money, the power to love and be loved - the power to make yourself and those you love happy.  ALL YOUR LIFE you have been seeking power.

    YOU are the central dynamo which can release this power you have longed for.  You are surrounded by limitless power.  Yet this Power can do nothing until it is directed.  This is just as true of Spiritual Power as of electrical or steam power.  Your thought must give Spiritual power its direction.

    You must decide what you want to express.  Your choice of ideas determines everything that comes into your life.  Choose those Words which mean something to you.  They will give your desire form.  You must do your own thinking.


    Man's part in the Divine unfoldment is to recognize what he really is, and through claiming his own to bring it through into expression.  Much of Man's confusion, sin, sickness, or limitation has been the result of his denial of his Divine nature.  His belief in an existence apart from God has created negative conditions.  But his recognition, that God within him is Complete, changes his order of living and creates abundant life.


    The substance of everything that man desires, the essence of all life, fills and surrounds him.  Man's word speaks forth into form.  It fulfills his idea or follows his thought pattern.  It responds to his desire, completely, when he is scientific in his thinking and is convinced about the Truth upon which he meditates.

                                 FREED FROM LACK

    Whatsoever negation exists in man's consciousness must be eliminated; yet we must not fight negation.  To do so only gives it power.  When we realize the Allness of Good, negation has no existence.  When we feel our oneness with God-ness, nothing false can exist.

    A Mental or Spiritual Treatment is definite mental work which expresses conditions according to our desires.  It does not take into consideration things as they appear to be, but thinks in Creative Mind the condition as we want it to be.  The more specific our treatment, the more positive will be our result.  Creative Mind accepts our concept and gives it form.


    A Treatment to be scientific must take into consideration man's Real Nature.  Obviously, man did not create himself.  The God Mind, which conceived man as a Perfect Idea, endowed him with the power necessary to unfold this Idea.  So that man, the image and likeness of God, is the Real Man to be unfolded.  Man instead of being material and mortal can be understood as a Spiritual Reality.  He still exists in the God Mind as perfect Being, and all of his experiences seek to reflect this Divine nature.  Health, joy, wealth, love and peace are understood as the natural heritage of the God Man.


    When we recognize the power contained within the idea which created us, we are unifying ourselves with an Infinite Force.  We should then realize that this power which created us has never left us, BUT CAME FORTH WITH US, expressing itself as man.  So that health, joy and wealth become the objective expression of this God Power.  We do not have to create these conditions, but by recognizing the nature of the original Power we let this TRANSCENDENT PRESENCE manifest our desire in all that we are.

                          ENABLES IT TO EXPRESS

    The manifestation of this Power is complete when we let it do its Perfect Work.  When we can perceive God's Perfect Idea of Perfect Man and accept this Perfect Idea, we open channels in our expression whereby the God Idea may manifest.  This is why Jesus emphasized so many times that it was the Father within him which did the work.  The Spirit indwelling us brings out our true nature.

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