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Prayer Treatment for Supply
      by Dr. Ernest Holmes

A treatment after this manner should prove the law of abundance in the life of those who use such statements, and believe in them:

     "I am surrounded by pure Spirit, by God, the Living Spirit.  My thought is God thought, and it is the law unto that thing where unto it is spoken.  Everything that I do shall be a success.  I am led, guided and inspired by the Living Spirit of Love and of right action.  I am compelled to move in the right direction and to always know what to do, where, and how to do it.

    "I am surrounded by right action.  I am filled with the consciousness of right action.  Right action is success in all that I undertake to do.  I am successful in all my undertakings, and I am compensated for all my efforts.  I am surrounded by Substance, which is always taking the form of supply and always manifesting Itself to me in the form of whatever my need may be at the time.

   "I always have an abundance of money and an abundance of whatever it takes to make life happy and opulent.  There is a continuous movement toward me of supply, of money, of all that I need to express the fullest life, happiness and action.

   "I have an inner understanding of my place in the Universe.  I know that it is unique.  The Divine has not incarnated in anyone else in just the same individual way that It has in me.  I am unique and forever individualized.  Therefore, I do not need to imitate anyone or to long for the good that belongs to another.  All good is now mine and is now manifest in my experience.  I do not compete with anyone, for I am and remain forever myself.  This self is united with all selves, but is always an individual and a unique self.

   "There is that in me which all people recognize as worth while and desirable, and everyone whom I meet loves this self of mine and recognizes its worth.  I draw all toward me and those whom I can benefit and those who can benefit me are irresistibly drawn toward me.  I do not strain, will or coerce.  I know.  The Truth makes me free from the fear of poverty or bondage, and emancipates me from the thought of limitation.  I see that money, like everything else that is desirable, must be a spiritual idea, and I know that I have this idea right in my mind at this moment, I shall always have this idea of abundance.  It is mine and I take it.

   "The opportunity for self-expression and compensation is always open to me and I am at all times compelled to know, accept and operate upon this opportunity.  I have abundance because I am abundance.  "All that the Father hath is mine."

And So It Is.

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