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 What unites us all as human beings is an urge for happiness, which at heart is a yearning for union, for overcoming our feelings of separateness.  We want to feel our identity with something larger than our small selves.  We long to be one with our own lives and with each other.
- Sharon Salzberg

"You can overcome
any obstacle.
You can achieve
the most tremendous things by faith power.
Have big faith -
not any old watered-down faith
and the change in you and in your experience will be little short of miraculous."
--Norman Vincent Peale

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          "Celebrating Oneness" is about celebrating the Truth that we are One, we are not separate.  This Is a Spiritual Truth.  When we look with our "human eyes" we see the illusion of separation, we are in different bodies, different locations across the globe, we see different skin colors, we hear different languages, but in Reality these do not separate us but Individualize us.  Like the waves on the ocean, we are all expressions of the One, no two waves are alike and neither are we, but we are all joined together with the One, God - just like the waves are connected to the ocean.  Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Harmony, Light, Power and Beauty are the attributes of God that we all share, and we let our Light so shine when we embrace our Oneness with each other.

         The Spirit has blessed me immensely by bringing
Jesús, Callie and Brian into my life.  The word for "uncle" in Spanish is "tío" and so I have become Brian's uncle, not by right of the typical family lineage, but by the very fact that G-d has brought us all together to share for a time our life experiences, and it is the role of uncle to help the family.


Jesús is originally from the state of Tabasco, Mexico and Callie from Honduras.  Brian was born in the U.S.A. on July 19, 2011.  Callie is studying languages and learning about raising a bilingual child.  Even at this early age, Brian displays creativity and intuitive skills as well as an attraction to piano.  He already has his own unique personality and has learned to walk and talk months in advance of what is expected.  It is such a joy to watch the wonder in his eyes as he discovers more and more about the world around him and to observe the love between him and his mother Callie.

My beautiful God-Children, Zimel and Mira  are perfect examples of how Love brings us all together as One, living in the One Mind that Is God.  Their mother, Anna, was born in Moscow.  Their father, Uri was born in Lithuania.  He immigrated to Israel.  Anna immigrated to the United States.  They met in Israel.  Separated by countries - but Love brought them together.  Love created through them these beautiful, magnificent Spirits named Zimel and Mira.  I was born in the state of Missouri in the United States.  My background, culture, religion, nationality and language is very dissimilar to  Anna's and Uri's.  But, Love brought us together and I am the proud and happy God-Father of Zimel and Mira.  Love has brought all of us together because Love knows no separation.  Love only knows Love.  It Is a Powerful Love that weaves Its way through the world as we know it, bringing us together, blessing each of us.  Mira and Zimel are all grown up now.  Mira has graduated college and Zimel is soon on his way.

"Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself."
This we can do!
Rev. Bates

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