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Our Foundation Spiritual Principles:


  • Life (Intelligence, Power, Spirit) is Absolute Good, everywhere present.
  • Every human being is an expression of the One Life. Our very essence is of Life, and therefore we are also inherently good.

  • Human beings create their experience by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.

  • Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with Life/Spirit/the One Mind, and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good.

  • Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. A person must also live the Truth that he or she knows.

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Weekly Message for February 5, 2023


              I will always remember the words of Dr. Robert Schuller echoing through the Crystal Cathedral, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." I know that his words inspired people, at least in the moment, but where do the tough get going to? Most of our issues in life are caused by bad decisions and impulsive actions without thought of the consequences. It is a lack of conscious contemplation of our decisions that create the potential for trouble, and I know we are all aware of this at least to a degree.

           Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, the author of "The Power of Decision" is quoted as saying, "You are not the victim of the world, but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny."

              How many of our choices and decisions are directed at something specific? It is important to consider this question. Can we visualize in our Mind's Eye the results of what we want to accomplish? What image can we create in our mind that makes us look prosperous? What image can we create in our mind that makes us look at peace and in harmony with our circumstances? How often do we experience spontaneous joy? If you have difficulty with these, ask yourself how often are you judging yourself, comparing your life to others?

              We must love who we are and what we are doing with our lives. If we don't love ourselves we allow little time to seriously consider our choices and decisions. Very seldom do we allow the creative element of our intelligence to work through our mind with thoughts and ideas that prosper us, that bring us joy, if we do not love ourselves and the life that we have now. You might say, how do I love financial struggle? How do love being stuck in a job that I hate because I need the money? How do I love living with myself knowing that my choices and decisions created all these problems in my life? And there you have the answer. You created this, whatever it may be, and so you can create the greater. If you are willing to take the time to conceive it, you will it due time find yourself achieving it.

Keep the Faith!
(Reverend Dr. Henry Lee Bates)

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