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- Dr. O. C. Smith, Founding Minister, City of Angels Church of Religious Science


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There is a fee for private appointments either by telephone or in my office, but prayer requests submitted through this website are at no charge, however, sharing in the form of a love offering  completes the circle of healing.  One should express gratitude to that place or person that was the point through which the spirit brought forth the healing.  Otherwise, it is less likely that he/she will receive help in the future, because he/she has not completed the circle.  God appears at all levels, and the realization that it is all God should be expressed at all levels; "the laborer is worthy of his hire."

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RevBates.tv is a Healing Ministry without walls, physical or denominational, that the world can instantly access and use without cost.  This work is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from the individuals we serve.  Contributions are greatly appreciated.
 - Know first that God loves you.
- Do not be concerned about any doubts you may have, or that you may believe you have.
- God has no doubts, and He will care for you.
- Be not concerned about your faith.  God is your Creator, your very Father, and He has Faith in you.
- Do not agitate yourself about God, who He is, or what He is.  He is safe, secure and dependable, and He is our Source.  It is sufficient to know this.
- You desire Peace and Strength.  Very well, rest within that desire.
- Rest is the great restorative, and Peace is Life.
- You have your silent experience, your thoughts, your secret inner experience and within this experience is rest and Peace, God's Peace.  You can be healed, for it is the Peace within that heals.
- The functions of the body are functions of Peace.  Every physical activity is God's Peace, His Intelligence and His Strength acting, in one of God's own ways.
- Let be.  Forget your physiology, lay aside your troubles.  God has Peace and He has it for you.
There is no doubt about your desire for health and strength.  Very well, dwell upon this peacefully.  There can be no pain where there is Peace, and God's Peace is everywhere.  It is omnipresent, yes, in you, throughout your being, spirit, soul, and body.  God in His Peace is Omnipotent, all-able.  Let Him have His way with you.
- It is His Love that heals.  It is your Knowing, your quiet resigned acceptance of His Love that aids in the healing.
- The healing is a turning from opinion, doubt, and struggle in consciousness to the everlasting Peace that is rest and health in you here and now.
- Now is eternal.  Enter into it.
- God, the creator of heaven and earth, is always restful, never disturbed, without burden.  Accept Him.  Accept His Life.  Accept His real Life as He gives it to you, instead of worrying about your own opinions and experiences that you may have believed to be life.  You may have been mistaken.  God, your Father and Creator, is never mistaken.  Therefore, you are safe and can give yourself into His protection.
- God is Divine.  His is the happy and heavenly Law.  God is the Eternal Christ.  God is the Master in you, Emanuel.  God is the everlasting Spirit, Life without end.  Accept these things as you would the ABC's of life.
- Start all over anew.  Start from right where you are.  Believe God, not evil.  Believe the desirable, not the undesirable.
- Now rest.  Do not think, just rest, trust, and live.
- Do these things as though you were learning a new language of thinking, acquiring a new experience, taking up a new and silent exercise.
- Read these truths, for such reading is true meditation and real prayer, because in this way one really communes with Divine ability to accomplish and with the everlasting Spirit.
- Do not be concerned at first about studying the consciousness or about whether your meditative communions with Divine Love are religious, psychological or scientific.  Do not agitate yourself about anything.  You are sweetly dealing with life, very Life, at first hand.  You are giving yourself to Life, and Life is giving Itself to you.  You are surrendering your body to Life and to inescapable vitality, restful vitality, and because you do this and make a habit of doing it, you will come into health.
- Learn in your heart, by your heart, and through your own unashamed secret and devout love that you, your entire self, are one with the very foundations of heavenly experience, and that experience on earth, here where you are, is one both with God and yourself.
- Know that there is no far-off God.  God and His Good are here.
- Remember again that He loves you and holds nothing against you.  God cannot be diverted.  His one action is Love.  Believe no doubts.  Let lying nervousness and apprehension alone.  The universe is not nervous.  It is at Peace.  Universal Law is harmonious, and is every whit as much here as it is there or anywhere.  Live with it silently.  No one can prevent you from doing this.  Come into the Presence of God by means of your consciousness, and know that no one or no thing can harm you while in His Presence.
- More than all, rest.  Do these things easily.  Stop all thought and all prayer when you wish and in faith.  Whereupon you will find that you can take up your healing communion often and whenever you wish.
- And the Master consciousness will come to you.  You will have leadings and guidance from within.  And Strength, God's Strength and His Love and Peace will be yours.
- Yes, this is healing.  It is healing prayer and treatment.  It is a coming into the knowing and into the health and vitality, for health, strength, and harmony are the body's knowing of the Infinite Good in its own way and after its own fashion.
- All this will transpire because you have in consciousness and Spirit dwelt upon these things that constitute the great loving something which is Life.
- Will you have the Word of our Master, the Healer?  Then accept it in your heart of hearts, in your very soul and do it for your body.  Do this by Spirit without labor.
- Are you "poor in spirit?" God knows, and He knows yours "is the kingdom of heaven." (See Matt. 5:3-9)
- Do you mourn over things, the past, and others?  Then you "shall be comforted."  All of such kind, "they that mourn," "they shall be comforted."  This is the word of God, your Creator, given us by the Divine Christ as the man Jesus among us.  He who healed and knew.  Accept by being one with Him in Spirit.  Trouble not yourself.  God knows no trouble.  "Be comforted," "Be not afraid."
- Hear of this great sermon-discourse.  Know that "the meek ... shall inherit the earth" and all things.  You are embodied in this earth, of this earth, yet in heaven.  God's heaven.  Let there be no controversy within.  Deal with God and His Word, for His Word is made flesh.  Accept His Word.  The Lord speaks with you.  He Loves you and all else matters not.
- You search and "hunger and thirst for righteousness"; therefore you "shall be filled."  This is His Word, not your opinion nor mine.  It is Truth.  Your life shall be "filled" and fulfilled.  Who shall defeat the Lord, who shall withhold His givings?
- Be of His very own and "Be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.....his leaf also shall not wither:  and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." (Psa. 1:3)
- Magnify the Lord with me.  Prosper ye, body, consciousness and soul.
- "Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble.  When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid; Yea thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet." (Prov. 3:23,24)
- So also shall be your rest and your success with this, your prayer and your healing.

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