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     evolutionary science of mind & the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus

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      What evolutionary Science of Mind Teaches  by Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates
The Bible is the greatest book we can ever read ... stated Judge Thomas Troward, whose work brought forth the philosophy of the Science of Mind developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes.  Once we learn to accept that the Bible is filled with simple, easy to understand Principles ... Principles that have nothing to do with social and cultural differences ... but Principles that point to a change-less Truth that has benefited people from all religions, all races, all nationalities, and all cultures.  They may not have all understood that what they were using were Universal Principles that work for everyone .. after all the ancients thought the Earth was flat ... but they were. The Master Mind Jesus stated,  "it rains on the good and the bad alike" ... in other words, our relationship with God and our use of Universal Principles has nothing to do with our so-called goodness or socially acceptable morality.  A heaven "out there" somewhere and a hell where people are punished ... makes for good drama in movies ... but according to the spiritual genius, Jesus ... it is all fantasy.  The Radical Jesus was not only highly enlightened, but also highly intelligent.  His work expanded His religion, Judaism ... His intention was not to develop a new religion but to teach us to turn to God for everything ... and know, as did Isaiah, that God is the only Power ... there is none other.  He said, "these things I do, and greater things still shall you do."  Rev. Bates teaches the evolutionary Science of Mind and Universal Principles attributed to the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus and all the ancient mystics ...  Principles that work for everyone.


       Rev. Bates was Ordained as a Religious Science Minister at City of Angels Church of Religious Science on June 30, 2002.  The City of Angels Church of Religious Science was founded by Dr. O. C. Smith and Rev. Dr. Robbie G. Smith.  This 5,000 member church located in West Los Angeles continues to be a tribute to the memory of Dr. O. C. Smith, one of the Greatest of Religious Science teachers.  Rev. Bates was greatly blessed to be one of Dr. O. C. Smith's last ministerial students.  In May, 2007, Dr. Robbie Smith and the Board of Directors of City of Angels/MECCA awarded Rev. Bates with an Honorary Doctorate.
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"One's willingness to stand firm in their conviction (s) is a sure sign of the "realization of self" of that individual.  Thanks again for the passion that you exhibit for the teaching of Religious Science." - Rev. Dr. O. C. Smith

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