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              As we move along on this journey called Life, we have many experiences that, once we reflect  back, cause us to realize that that which we are to do best..... has been determined from the beginning.  There are no accidents in the Universe and no experience or condition is without Good... this I know and my Life has been a total testament to the Omnipresence of God ... every experience, every person ... along the way has led me to that which I am to do now.  Nothing has been wasted, neither time nor effort ... no person has been any less important than any other .... each person, each experience was very, very necessary ......... I have been greatly blessed with experiences, that on the surface, seemed challenging, disappointing and sometimes as failure ..... but each experience had the "stuff of God" in it .... as the Master Mind Jesus stated, "I have food that ye know not of."  Reflect on your Life .... you will find the "stuff of God" in your memory too.......

Rev. Bates - photo of Dr. O. C. Smith (right)

Pre-Grad Party (left to right)  Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn, Corinne Kagan, Rev Bates, James Daly, Irene Danon, Rev. Leon Bell

June 30, 2002
Henry Lee Bates
Ministerial Ordination

June 30, 2002 - Ordination Ceremony
Rev. Richard Drasen, Palm Springs New Thought Church
 of Today and Rev. Bates

Rev. Bates at the Light Of Truth SOM Center
Pacoima / San Fernando, California

Rev. Bates

Friends & Family; Ordination Day 30 June 2002

Rev Bates and Rev. Dr. Robbie Smith
June 30, 2002

Cheryl Cromwell, Rev. Jean Battah, 
and Charles Gorgano to my left.

Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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