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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
through anyone." 
St. Francis of Assisi

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"I want to introduce to you this morning .... Master Practitioner Hank Bates ..."
- Dr. O. C. Smith, Founding Minister, City of Angels Church of Religious Science


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"There is an
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for love."

Emma Curtis Hopkins

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There is a fee for private appointments either by telephone or in my office, but prayer requests submitted through this website are at no charge, however, sharing in the form of a love offering  completes the circle of healing.  One should express gratitude to that place or person that was the point through which the spirit brought forth the healing.  Otherwise, it is less likely that he/she will receive help in the future, because he/she has not completed the circle.  God appears at all levels, and the realization that it is All God should be expressed at all levels; "the laborer is worthy of his hire." 

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 The Spiritual Solution

     Life is a gift but sometimes we are not sure this is the truth.  As we move along on this journey we find that many of the things we thought we could depend on, just are not dependable.  We may become uncertain as to what to do next and this may cause us to feel stress or anxiety.  And many times there is really nothing wrong in our lives, but we don’t feel any enthusiasm.  Joy and happiness seem elusive and we somehow feel we have lost the inspiration and ability to feel truly good about our life.

In The Spirit

None of these feelings are unusual and each of us has experienced them at one time or another.  There is a way to bring greater happiness, peace and joy into our experiences.  This way is to connect with God.  Many feel more comfortable with the words Spirit or Higher Power, but the words that we use are not important.  Understanding our relationship with this Power greater than our self, is important, and can make an amazing difference in every area of our life

As a Spiritual Practitioner, I work with people to experience a greater spiritual realization and awareness in this thing called Life.  With this greater awareness, most discover greater joy, greater peace, greater confidence and freedom.

Life is not a test.  It is a gift.

 These are the important issues of Life:

            -                      Health

-                      Wealth

-                      Success

-                      Self-Esteem

-                      Relationships

-                      Sexual Confidence

 Do you feel tested or gifted? 

 Want some help?

                          I can help.

                   When we set into motion a power of mind, don't be surprised at what happens; don't be surprised if things come from the most unheard of source ever dreamed of.  We are dealing with a power that is infinite.  This power will direct the way. We are a projection of God; we are not a manifestation forth from God.  We are at the center of God consciousness.  And it could not be otherwise.  We call it spiritual healing because spirit is indeed an energy that makes things whole.  It is just what the word says - "spirit."  When Jesus said, "Your faith hath made you whole," he was saying that faith is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The spirit of faith transforms the concept of fear into the realization of God's omnipotence.  When that happens a new concept has replaced the old and a new experience presents itself.

This is not Psychology, Psychotherapy, Christian Science or Scientology.  Scientific Prayer works just like the law of gravity and is no respecter of persons.  A conviction of faith in a power greater than us quickens the process and that will be accomplished as the process unfolds.  It is incumbent upon a Practitioner to teach the client self-treatment or how to pray scientifically for themselves.  This is done to prevent a dependency relationship between the Practitioner and the Client.  Jesus said, "these things I do, and greater things still, will you do."

My licensing and training is as a Religious Science Minister and Practitioner.  Prayer Work and Spiritual Counseling is a very important part of my ministry.  My Spiritual Practice is located in Palm Springs, California at the Desert Cities Community Church of Religious Science, 333 North Palm Canyon Drive, Downtown Palm Springs.  

                      Telephone appointments for counseling/prayer
are set up in advance for the mutual convenience of myself and the client.  Please contact me either by email or telephone (760.778.5677 / 818.476.0088) for these appointments.

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