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 What unites us all as human beings is an urge for happiness, which at heart is a yearning for union, for overcoming our feelings of separateness.  We want to feel our identity with something larger than our small selves.  We long to be one with our own lives and with each other.
- Sharon Salzberg


"There is an instinctive seeking of all things for love."
Emma Curtis Hopkins

"You can overcome any obstacle. You can achieve the most tremendous things by faith power. Have big faith - not any old watered-down faith, and the change in you and in your experience will be little short of miraculous."
--Norman Vincent Peale


            As we understand the continuum of Life, the human experience and the spiritual significance of transition we can celebrate the life that has been lived and the graduation into New Life.  This understanding translates into Love, Peace and Harmony for all those who seek the highest and greatest Good for those in transition.

                Funeral and memorial services are highly personal.  I am committed to make every effort to understand the personal Life experience of the divine individual.  The service is positive, and uplifting, focusing on the souls continuous life.  Services include a pre-meeting or even more than one, with the family in person or by telephone.

  • Funeral home and graveside services
  • Scattering of ashes
  • Memorial service

                  Average length of funeral home service (thirty minutes) graveside (ten to fifteen minutes), these times may vary according to need.

                   Fees will be quoted at the time of need and every way to accommodate and help will be made.  

A Rose

I looked at a rose called midnight
And asked that it might stay
Lovely with soft-shaded velvet,
But it whispered, "There comes a day
When the sun beats down in its fury
And the mighty winds do blow,
And then comes the time and the season
When I, like the rest, must go;
But I leave with you my fragrance --
A memory pure and sweet --
And you can be sure I am with you
As my petals Lie at your feet.

Eleanor Hillemann 



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