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the philosophyof the Master Mind Jesus, ancient wisdom, evolutionary science of mind

The Science 
of Mind

by Ernest Holmes

The Holy Bible 
King James Version


Instructor:  Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

*no classes will be offered in 2015
[Class size is limited]

              Before you register for classes, ask yourself if you are committed to spending time weekly, continuously, for 30-weeks of classes.  If not, then perhaps registering for a 6-week Class is right for you.  And, if after 6-weeks you want to continue, you can register for additional classes.  These classes have great value, but we must make an inner commitment to do the work and complete that which we set out to do.  Be honest with yourself.  If you don't have this inner commitment, now may not be your time to take these classes.  However, if you feel committed, I invite you to read further and register for the class that is best for you at this time.

                  The Way It Works:  Students are sent an assignment once weekly via e-mail.  Assignments are to be completed within a week and returned via e-mail for review and instructor's notes.  Assignments will include questions to be answered, written insights regarding the material, as well as a reading assignment.  Included in the class work will be suggestions for daily spiritual practice; i.e. contemplation, meditation, prayer.

Only one on-line class will be offered in 2014; "Understanding Principles for Better Living" ...  this class will take us through the updated- Basics of the Science of Mind & Spirit and will include spiritual material from those who have inspired the work of Ernest Holmes as well as material from some of the great teachers out of the Unity School of Practical Christianity.

               Specifics: This is a 30-week on-line class, 5-units, 6 lessons per unit, is available to every one.  All 5-units can be taken or any single unit of 6-lessons can be taken independently of the other units and you can register for 1-Unit at a time.  The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes will be used in this course of study.  No other books are required for this class as all other reading materials will be provided to the student.  There will be "breaks" taken during the classes.

       The Intention: This class is to provide the student with a greater awareness of the power that is within them and the ability to use this power to effect the conditions and circumstances of their life using spiritual principles that are universal and available to everyone.  Students will be directed to write spiritual prayers and affirmations, identify ideas and concepts that they can use in their own personal life achievements, and be supported in maintaining a spiritual consciousness that provides them with the confidence and inspiration to achieve their goals.

               A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be presented to all students who complete all 30-Lessons.




Thank you for your interest in the Classes!    



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