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  Palm Springs/Desert Cities
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"One's willingness
to stand firm in their conviction (s) is a
sure sign of the "realization of self"  
of that individual.
...thanks again for
the passion that you exhibit for the teaching of Religious Science."
Rev. Dr. O. C. Smith Founding Minister, 
City of Angels Church 
of Religious Science

A Tribute to:
Dr. Joseph Murphy
Dr. Robert H. Bitzer
Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn
Charles Fillmore
Emmet Fox

Dr. Ernest Holmes
Dr. Robert Bitzer
Dr. O. C. Smith
Dr. Juanita Dunn

Be Still and Know

San Fernando/Pacoima

Rev. Bates' final service at the Light Of Truth was on Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004.  After 2 years and 4 months presenting at this wonderful church, Rev. Bates will always bless Rev. Alma Gonzalez and this beautiful congregation.  God blessed me immensely with this Divine Assignment ... at a United Church of Religious Science ... but my inner guidance called me to Palm Springs, California to develop Radical Religious Science and so I say good-by and God Bless to all my wonderful friends in San Fernando/Pacoima, California.
- Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

Please join me in Palm Springs, California

Desert Cities Community Church
spiritual, not religious
Presenting a Radical, Intelligent, Passionate, approach to the Teachings
 of the Master Mind Jesus  and the wisdom of the ancients.

  10:30 am 

333 North Palm Canyon Drive 
Downtown Palm Springs, California


Maximum Love - Rev. Bates

          As we accept greater success for ourselves and become more
aware of who we really are and our place in the Universe,
the Great Potential within each of us begins its
magnificent unfoldment into our Life's experiences. 
Pues aceptamos mayor éxito para nosotros mismos y somos más enterados de quiénes realmente somos y nuestro lugar en el universo, el gran potencial dentro de cada uno de nosotros comienza su unfoldment magnífico en las experiencias de nuestra vida.


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