by Dr. Ernest Holmes

Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and
author of The Science of Mind.

Chapter XII, pg 101

God within you knows by pure intuition: that is, without process of reasoning with reference to external facts or existing conditions. If God were to know in any other way He would be finite. This is why it is said that God is omniscient or all-knowing. Such omniscience or all-knowingness exists at the very center of your being. Therefore, Divine Guidance exists at the center of your being, acting as a principle of nature.

If you are living in an Intelligence which instantly knows the answer to any problem, then you are living in an Intelligence which has no problem. You are, therefore, bringing your problem to a Principle which has no problem, just as electricity, or mathematics, or the law of gravitation has no problem. Hold up an object heavier than air and let go of it and the law of gravitation will bring it to the earth. It would be a problem if you had to force this object to the earth. It is no problem to the law which works automatically. You let go of the object and the rest is automatic. So it is with the use of other principles in nature. So it is with Divine Guidance.

Common sense will tell you that Divine Guidance cannot exist for a few persons. It cannot exist because of any religious belief or because of a dogmatic acceptance of any creed. Divine Guidance must exist for you and everyone, or not at all - just as electricity exists for everyone.

Divine Guidance, like the presence of God, is at the center of your being. When you turn to Spirit for the solution of your problem, Spirit answers by intuitively knowing, not the problem, but its answer. If you have a problem of confusion and wish to gain peace, this could not be done by asking God to be peace, for God is peace. Your answer would come as you turn from the confusion to the contemplation of peace. You cannot join confusion with peace. You must forget the one if you would unify with the other. Say:

Knowing the the law of God is perfect, I
lay aside all fear, uncertainty and doubt.
There is no burden whatsoever in my consciousness.
I live in the Kingdom of Heaven now.
I rejoice in the Divine Presence.
I bathe in the sunlight of eternal Truth.
I consciously enter into the benediction of Peace.

As your consciousness lifts itself above the problem into a spiritual atmosphere of affirmation, the problem, as such, disappears and the answer takes its place. Every problem contains its own answer if you think of the problem merely as a question, an inquiry, and not as an obstruction. Thinking of it this way, keep your mind not on the repetition of thoughts about the problem, but on the receipt of a definite answer.

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