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Rev. Dr. O. C. Smith
& Dr. Robbie Smith

Weekly Message for Sunday, December 2, 2001


                  Some people have so much Love and are so in tune with the Creative Mind that even though they are in the same body, they actually live many lives on this planet before they move onward and upward into the Divine Realm of Infinite possibilities.  This was the experience of Rev. Dr. O. C. Smith.

It is useless for me to try and use words to describe Dr. O. C. Smith.  How can you describe what happens when another's soul touches yours?  I am certain that Dr. O. C.'s soul touched thousands but the experience that he shared with so many, seemed personal to each.  He was a breath of Life and Love that filled every room that he walked into.  His very presence was so overwhelmingly loving and powerful and non-judgmental that one could feel a lessening of their troubles just by being in his presence.  Dr. O. C. loved people, all people, more than they loved themselves, because he identified with the greatness within them, not their limitations.  He saw people as God sees them; capable, empowered, loving and wonderful.  This is the greatest lesson he could teach his students, to let the way that God sees His creations be reflected through us.

Many people will speak and write about his musical career and the rich heritage of music that he gave the world, so I will not address that work.  Except to write that the song "God Didn't Make Little Green Apples" will always touch my soul.  I am very blessed to have Dr. O. C. as my ministerial teacher.  Each and every class was like a gift where each student received a present of his insight and spiritual awareness.  His was a ministry based on the understanding that we are living God's Life and as we allow God to use us and come into the realization that God Is using us, our Life becomes a Love Story filled with gladness, joy and a continual expectancy of Good.  "I am so happy, I don't know what to do!," Dr. O. C. would open many a class with this exclamation and a wave of happiness and ease would sweep through the class.  No one could resist the irresistible Love that Dr. O. C. embodied and generously expressed.

             He taught his classes from the Center of Love within him.  He told the ministerial class, ".....this is not something to play with.  A minister affects people's lives, this is serious work and you must take it seriously, leave your ego at the door, teach the Truth by living the Truth.  Whatever you personally have to heal, see it healed now..."  He gave his all and all to the City of Angels Church of Religious Science.  He gave his money, his time and his devotion.  He stated over and over again that as ministers we must know that the work we are doing is the Holy Spirit working through us.  We must be willing to stand in the Truth and know the Truth knows no opposition.  He was once told that if he took the word "church" out of the name of City of Angels that more people would join.  He emphatically told the ministerial class that he wouldn't care if he had 10,000 people every Sunday and had to put in balconies, he would not want it if it meant putting a "veil over the truth."  He stated that we are the Church of Religious Science and that is the truth - and that is what we are to teach and we must teach it as the Truth with zeal, enthusiasm, power and love.  He said we must put our heart and soul into it because "lukewarm water will not boil eggs!"  

Every single person in his 5,000 member congregation always knew what he stood for and knew that his every decision was from the highest integrity and love.  He inspired, encouraged and inspired and encouraged again, never giving up on knowing the Truth for anyone.  The City of Angels Church of Religious Science is an Independent Church, and for those who knew Dr. O. C., it could not be any other way.  In Aramaic, death means transition or to be present somewhere else.  I know that wherever Dr. O. C. is now, he is fully present, alive and awake to the Truth.

      "Live every moment like you think its your last, because someday you're going to be right."  - Dr. O. C. Smith

            Thank you Dr. O. C. for your presence in my life and the lives of so many others.  I celebrate with you, your Graduation and know that you are touching that hem of the garment that each of us desires to touch within our souls.  God has blessed me through you and that is the Truth and for that I am so very grateful.  Thank you for instilling in me the Love and the Joy that the teaching of Religious Science is for you.  Thank you, bless you and say hello to all the Great Mystics that have gone ahead of you.  If Jesus has a "Soul Brother" he is Dr. O. C. Smith."

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And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Rev. Bates