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There is never a charge for Prayer.  As I give, I receive.


Dr. Domenic Polifrone passes from this life into New Life in April, 2020.

               Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone became the Spiritual Director of the  Hollywood Church of Religious Science in 1995, merging his New Thought Center of Los Angeles with the church.  Dr. Polifrone co-founded the Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN).  Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, Founder of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science in 1930, maintained the church within the Religious Science International (R.S.I.) organization which is second largest to United Churches of Religious Science (UCRS). Dr. Polifrone and his Board of Directors renamed the church, for marketing purposes, "The Hollywood Church for Today," with more of a focus on New Thought/Religious Science.  However, this name is no longer in use as the current board changed the name to The Science of Mind Center of Hollywood and then changed it again to the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles .....  the church continues to be part of the Affiliated New Thought Network.  

       Dr. Bitzer's Hollywood Church of Religious Science building was sold in September, 2005, and the name has been changed to The Science Of Mind Center of Hollywood, heralding the end of this church which was once considered the Hallmark Church in the Religious Science Movement.  This building was a prominent landmark on Sunset Boulevard for 72 years.

                  Dr. Domenic's engaging speaking style and natural charisma set the stage for Sunday Celebrations.   Dr. Domenic studied under some of the greatest Science of Mind/Religious Science Teachers including Dr. Stuart Grayson and the celebrated Dr. Raymond Charles Barker of the First Church of Religious Science, New York City.
    Dr. Polifrone took a medical leave of absence in December 1999 and was absent from the church for a little over a year.  He returned briefly to the church but currently continues to be healing that which requires healing (his words).

                      Dr. Domenic continues to be a great inspiration to many, many Science of Mind students.  His willingness to share his wisdom and his joy is tremendously inspiring.
God Bless You, Dr. Domenic!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates  

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"To love is to have power, and to be loved is to be given more power.  Let all that ye do  be done in love."
- 1Cor. 16:14