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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for December 13, 2015

             It took many years and many authors of books as "guides" for me to discover the real Jesus ... the Master Mind that saw through the blind beliefs and rituals of religion and recognized the Omnipresence of G-d incarnated in the world and in the soul of mankind.  It is true that Jesus rejected many of the traditional religious ideas of religion but it is also true that he identified as a Jew and was respectful of Jewish celebratory holidays.  His most profound discovery is that the kingdom of G-d is within and when we discover it within ourselves we shall do the greater things still that we desire to experience.  And this discovery will free us from the limitations of the world and religion; in his words, "you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free."  And the Truth cannot be realized through the limitations embodied in human thought but must be released from our Divine nature within; that is, within our own consciousness in tune with the Infinite Good.

        The American mystic Ernest Holmes writes in his book "Words That Heal Today," that:  "No greater comfort can be found in all the teachings of Jesus than in his concept of the possibility of finding heaven here and now.  We all have a sense of condemnation, which at times is so great that it seems impossible to feel our way back to God.  The hope and assurance which the Way-shower gave enables us to find release, not in some theoretical future but in the eternal here-and-now in which he consciously lived.  Always today is the day of salvation - this day which extends from eternity to eternity but which is always focused in the present moment.
                  This was one of the fundamental teachings of the great spiritual genius.  We should look upon it as a principle in nature and our relationship with God.  Nothing in the universe holds anything against us.  Nothing vindictive can flow from the Spirit.  When we turn to It, trusting and believing the avenues of Its out-push through us are unlocked.  This life which is eternally new and fresh flows into us as water gushing from the hidden spring of our being.  We must drink of this water.  God has given us the cup of life which must be used as a chalice of love.  The stream flows around and through us, but the Spirit cannot drink for us."

         In the reflection of his human nature, Jesus at first believed that all that he had discovered about his relationship to G-d and to Life was only for people of the Jewish faith but his encounter with a Samaritan woman opened his mind to a greater truth.  Once he realized the universal nature of spiritual laws this became one of the tenets of his teaching that set him apart from all the other Jewish mystics of that era.

          Even with all the knowledge and historical research that has been discovered about the life of Jesus he is still considered “The Christ” to those who follow the religion of Christianity in all its different forms.  Churches in urban areas appeal to young people with their “hip” and “edgy” music, but their teaching about Jesus is still just as flawed as the preaching of Billy Sunday in the first decades of the 20th Century and later the Reverend Billy Graham’s “old-time religion.”  The Master Mind Jesus evolved the teachings of the ancients of the Torah and the Old Testament of the Holy Bible but Christian ministers by and large with few exceptions are willing to discover the greater Truth of the Christ  that compelled Jesus to declare “don’t ye know that ye are gods?”  

A recent news article report from Las Vegas stated that "Police and church officials in Las Vegas are investigating a recent series of disruptive protests at Roman Catholic parishes that they say put worshippers on edge and led to plans for increased patrols around churches this weekend.
          No injuries, damage or arrests resulted from demonstrations reported Oct. 31 and Dec. 5 at churches downtown, just off the Las Vegas Strip and several miles east of the Strip, police Officer Michael Rodriguez said Friday. There was also a protest at a Catholic high school on Dec. 2.
          "All of these appear to be linked," Rodriguez said. "It appears to be the same tactic — going into the churches during services, handing out fliers and making inflammatory statements."
            Each time, the men protesting were gone when police arrived.
            Video uploaded to YouTube shows a few men, including two wearing T-shirts reading "Trust Jesus" and "Repent or Perish," walking down a church aisle, handing paper religious tracts to parishioners, declaring Christ as savior and shouting derogatory comments about the pope and Catholic icons.
             The Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas confirmed what it called "multiple disturbances" at several locations.
             "This group appears to be a Christian group trying to disrupt Catholic services," a diocese statement said."

           The incidents in Las Vegas are interesting in that we have one sect of Christianity condemning another.  Many of those in Christian sects do not consider either the Catholic Church or the Mormon Church to be Christian and this news article illustrates the ugliness that this judgment creates.  I can't imagine that any of those involved in these protests in Catholic churches have any real knowledge or awareness of the profound nature of Jesus' teachings.  

       Jesus took the wisdom of the ancients and became the Great Teacher by teaching masterful principles using simple, easy to understand parables.  His teachings were so simple that most people did not "get it" ... and many ignore His most profound wisdom; "Love G-d with all your heart and with all your soul  and with all your mind and equally important love your neighbor as your self."  He taught by "living His teaching" and by "demonstrating" the Truth that he stated could "set us free."  Why then, do people all over the world look to him to "save them" when he taught that "you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free" ... because they don't really get him ... and many of the ones who "get him the least" call themselves Christians.  And the Christians protesting in Catholic churches in Las Vegas is just one example of this.  

         The religious leaders in his day called him vile and blasphemous ... and would it be any different today?  Mega churches across the United States and across the globe are filled with people who "follow religion" even when what is taught directly and emphatically contradicts Jesus' admonition to "follow him."  He said we are to "love one another" and to withhold judgment against others.  He taught that G-d is Omnipresent Spirit, Omnipotent.  He stated (from A Course in Miracles) "to think like G-d is to share His certainty of what you are, and to create like Him is to share the perfect love that He shared with you."  And from the same source we can read his profound wisdom
"Why wait for Heaven?  Those who seek the Light are merely covering their eyes.  The Light is in them now.  Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all.  When your change your heart you change your life."  And in these words and so much more we can realize that the Master Mind Jesus was even more than a spiritual genius, he was spiritual and not religious.  These words defy all the religious dogma ever conceived by mankind!

        And lastly, from the great Emmet Fox:  "We are told concerning the teaching of Jesus that the common people heard him gladly.  He was unconventional, hopelessly out of favor with the ecclesiastical authorities, a flouter of hallowed traditions; and yet, deep calls unto deep, and so He had His friends and followers in high places also." 


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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