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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for November 1, 2015

              "The Upanishads inform us that by "knowledge of God the bonds of ignorance and unhappiness are destroyed."  The Talmud says, "Pray not that sinners may perish, but that the sin itself may disappear."  This means that evil has no existence in itself, for if we persist in seeing the true rather than the false, then the false will disappear and the true will make its appearance.  In the midst of confusion there is a place of peace.  In the midst of sorrow the joy of life persists.” - The American Mystic Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called Life

              I have never liked the words "ignorant" or "ignorance" but I am aware of the reality of both in describing a pathway to unhappiness.  There are spiritual seekers who spend vast amounts of money and time seeking enlightenment unaware that our seeking must be preceded by self-examination.  Through self-examination we can become aware of what it is that we seek.  Through realization we can know that we already have that which we are seeking even though it may be in the early stages of our awareness.

           I have always been surprised when I hear someone use the term "poverty consciousness" as if it can be real.  Can an absence of intelligence be real?  Of course not.  G-d consciousness which is a combination of Intelligence, Power and Spirit is omnipresent ... present within all things and all people.  To say that someone has a poverty consciousness or worse yet to identify our own consciousness with this term is to reveal ignorance of consciousness.  It is to declare a false-idea as truth.  To arrive at an intelligent conclusion about this we only need to understand the universal nature of the Infinite Mind or Spirit.  Either everyone or no one is intelligent.  Either everyone or no one has a prosperity consciousness, a health consciousness or a success consciousness.  It is our use of these things that create the seeming appearance of "evil" ... that is that which falsely diminishes the truth of us.

We can read in "This Thing Called Life" some insight into the truth of us:  "While it is true that God Power is always with us, it is not true that we have always realized Its presence.  To realize this is to be able to make conscious use of It, to direct It, for ourselves and for others.
         If you knew that the Creative Energy of the universe were at your disposal and that the same Power which made everything is flowing through you, would you not naturally feel that you possessed the "pearl of great price"?  If you knew how to use this Power would you not feel that you were on the verge of a new experience, wonderful and limitless in its possibility?  Would you not have a new hope and enthusiasm about living?”

It is not enough to know that we have Power available to us.  We must learn how to use It and then use It.  Let's not wait until something happens in our lives that causes us to think that we need this Power.  It is not a Power to be used on special occasions or in times of emergency or urgency, It is available to us to use in all things; that which seems small and that which seems large.  As the mystic stated, "there is no big or small to the One who makes them all" .. or something like that.  The way of ignorance and unhappiness is to know and then not make use of the Power, Intelligence and Spirit that is always seeking our recognition of It ... our identification with It and how faith to declare It as present and working in our lives.  To love G-d is to know G-d and to know G-d we must embrace G-d's Power, Intelligence and Spirit in our daily experiences.  In this we are realizing the way of intelligence and happiness in all that we do.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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