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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for October 18, 2015

              "God in the midst of me is mighty. He guides and governs the thoughts of my mind, the feelings of my heart, and the acts of my life to establish joy, health, and bounty in my life and my world.” - Ernest C. Wilson, Unity senior minister, lecturer, author, radio personality

              Every aspect of modern life requires money; health, happiness, success, relationships and creative expression.  We all realize this is true and only foolish idealists think differently … their requirements for money are just as  necessary as anyone else’s, they just refuse to acknowledge how important money is to everyone.  If we are poor; we want money.  If we are sick, we want medical care which requires money.  If we are religious or spiritual, we want a place or a person of faith to inspire us, and these things require money.  Our success is generally measured by the amount of money our work or our talents and abilities generate.  This is the truth about money.  There are those who love it and have it and those who love it and have little.  Even those who think or we think, have all the money that they will ever need … will find themselves wanting more.  Why?  Because we are connected to an infinite Source and at some deep level of consciousness we know more is available.  This love is not the worship of money, it is the understanding and realization that money is necessary which is why the great metaphysicians have said “money is God (or Good) in Action!”

         To realize an increase in money in our lives, most of us begin with prayer.  Let’s look at what Eric Butterworth from his book, "The Universe is Calling" tells us about prayer:  "Let me repeat:  you do not pray to God, but from a consciousness of God.  Think about this.  Get it into your awareness.  So whenever you have something to pray about, before you start looking up and reaching out, pause for a moment and remember;  first get the awareness of oneness, as a mighty potential of life, substance, and intelligence within you.  Then set about spiritedly to pray from that awareness. ....  You may have thought that you were only praying when you said, "Now I am going to start praying."  No matter what you call it, your thought concerning any subject is a prayer treatment."

           The key words here are our thoughts about the thing.  And for this lesson, our thoughts about money.  Money that is ours; money that is someone else’s, money that we want and money that we have.

      "Dare to be definite about prosperity, if you want prosperity to be definite in manifesting for you. People often hesitate to write down and think about what they really desire. They do not realize that the mind is the connecting link between man and the rich but unformed substance of the universe. If you never think definitely about the prosperous results you desire, no mental contact is made with the rich substance of the universe; you must drift along in a stream of limitation and dissatisfaction.
           When you write down your desires for the day, week, or month, list what you really want—not what you think you should have, nor what somebody else thinks you should have. Your deep-seated desires are God's good tapping at the door of your mind. Furthermore, write down dates by which you wish your desired good to be accomplished. You will be amazed at how the substance of heaven and earth will hasten to do your bidding when you give it definite desires and dates through which to work out good results. "
- Catherine Ponder, How to Live a Prosperous Life

         We must “condition” our mind to accept and receive money.  If we are unwilling to do this then we should just stop right here because in our mind we have created an obstruction to receiving. 

"The law of your mind is the law of belief itself.  What we believe makes us who we are. William James observed that whatever people expect to be true, will be so, irrespective of whether the object of their belief exists in fact. In the West we have made ‘the truth’ our highest value; this motivation, while important, is weak next to the actual power of belief in shaping our lives. Whatever you give your subconscious – false or true, good or evil – it will register as fact."  – Dr. Joseph Murphy

         If we think we don’t have or that we only have a little money, then the flow of ideas and opportunities to receive more is limited.  This is why so many people say they live “from paycheck to paycheck” or that when they get some money something always happens and the money is gone and they are back where they started.

"The first step in receiving is giving.  It is through the law of giving and receiving that we demonstrate prosperity.  If you are not receiving the good you feel you should have in life, ask yourself, What should I give? ... In "The Revealing Word" ... Charles Fillmore has explained:  "It is necessary to give freely if we are to receive freely.  The law of receiving includes giving." ... Prosperity is omnipresent, and you cannot impoverish yourself by giving.  Instead you are enriched by giving, which opens the way for you to receive." – Catherine Ponder

        We all have something to give even if we are stone cold broke!  But it is up to us to put on our big boys and girls pants and be willing to give even when it seems like nothing will break the cycle of poverty in our lives.  Give a prayer from your heart for someone else … give thanks for being alive … give thanks for the hope for a better day … give whatever you can. 

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin from Ruthanna Schenck:  "Prosperity ... does not come through giving alone.  Giving is only half the law; the other half is receiving. ... The true way of receiving your good is to refrain from resisting it.  ... Learn this one truth and so impress it upon your mind that it will automatically come forth to help you at any time of need.  The truth is one given by /the Master Mind Jesus/:  "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."  Let those words be the warp on which you weave the woof of your life, and never shall you know sorrow or hunger, or lack of any good thing."

           And in these words we know that we must find the "kingdom of G-d" within us; the right beliefs about prosperity, the right thoughts about money and the right image of ourselves enjoying the money that is ours to enjoy.

         Ernest C. Wilson urged us all to cultivate faith through reason: 
God does not "bring us . . . into temptation," but delivers us from evil. ... The practical [person] trusts God to guide, direct, and prosper him. He trusts in the eternal verities and is not overcome by his own human fears. Not what we fear but how we meet our fears is the real test of our spiritual growth. ... The fear of personality is a false fear. Others cannot keep our good from us, nor would their good make us happy. We must find and trust the power of God within ourselves."

           As the Master Mind Jesus said, in plain language, "... you can have life, and live it to the fullest" (John 10:10).  And this is the truth when we understand that we don’t get what we want … we get what we expect.  Get a vision of yourself enjoying the life that you choose to experience … be specific with money, be determined to have more money, and most of all be the most persistent you have ever been!


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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