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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for August 30, 2015

         I have always hesitated to write about Love as there as been so much written about it from a myriad of angles.  I personally would never write about romantic love since I am not an authority on that aspect of love at all.  However, I have learned and experienced a great deal about spiritual love and the Love that Is G-d.  And that is what I want to share with you in this message.

          The healing power of Love begins with the recognition of the truth about Love.  Love is the nature of G-d expressing through creation, all creation, and our use of this part of G-d's nature must be an expression of our desire to create more good; health, success, creativity, awareness of abundance and more.  The use of G-d's Love to heal, to prosper or to receive a blessing is simple once we have the awareness that there is nothing to oppose Love.  This is not always a realization that comes easy for us as most of us have accepted the opposites of Love's omnipresence and omnipotence.  Yet, the powerful nature of truth will support us in this realization if our desire is sincere and heartfelt.

                   "There is no love but God's - Love cannot judge. As it is one itself, it looks on all as one. Its meaning lies in oneness. And it must elude the mind that thinks of it as partial or in part. There is no love but God's, and all of love is His. There is no other principle that rules where love is not. Love is a law without an opposite. Its wholeness is the power holding everything as one, the link between the Father and the Son which holds Them both forever as the same."  -
The Course in Miracles (from Lesson 127)

"Love is a law without an opposite" is the foundation of using Love for healing of the physical body.  This is something that came to me at a time when I was becoming frustrated with a physical healing.  I was guided to a book written by Emmet Fox in which he writes that when we send and speak love to that part of our body that appears to require healing, that the healing will come with grace and ease.  It is as simple as placing our hand on the part of the body that appears to be ailing and feeling the love of the Spirit flow through us.  I have personally witnessed this to be true many times.  Can I explain how it works?  No.  I only know that it has worked and will work for anyone who is willing to turn from the thought of illness to a concentrated focus on the healing power of Love.  As we have read in The Course in Miracles, it is "the link between the Father and the Son" ... in other words, between our Creator and Its creations, you and me and everyone and everything.  It is the secret Power and effects of Love.

                            "This is the Spirit of Infinite Love.  The moment we recognize ourselves as one with it we become so filled with love that we see only the good in all.  And when we realize that we are all one with this Infinite Spirit, then we realize that in a sense we are all one with each other.  When we come into a recognition of this fact, we can then do no harm to any one, to any thing.  We find that we are all members of the one great body, and that no portion of the body can be harmed without all the other portions suffering thereby.
                             When we fully realize the great fact of the oneness of all life, that all are partakers from this one Infinite Source, and so that the same life is the life in each individual, then prejudices go and hatreds cease.  Love grows and reigns supreme.  Then, wherever we go, whenever we come in contact with the fellow man, we are able to recognize the God within.  We thus look only for the good, and we find it.  It always pays.
                             The Persian sage has said, "Always meet petulance with gentleness, and perverseness with kindness.  A gentle hand can lead even an elephant by a hair.  Reply to thine enemy with gentleness.  Opposition to peace is sin."  The Buddhist says, "If a man foolishly does me wrong I will return him the protection of my ungrudging love.  The more evil come from him the more good shall go from me."  "The wise man avenges injuries with benefits," says the Chinese.  "Return good for evil, overcome anger by love, hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love," says the Hindu.
                               Not to love is not to live, or it is to live a living death.  The life that goes out in love to all is the life that is full, and rich, and continually expanding in beauty and in power.  Such is the life that becomes ever more inclusive, and hence larger in its scope and influence.
Ralph Waldo Trine, In Tune With The Infinite

The key, so to speak, to using the power of Love, is to recognize it as omnipresent and omnipotent.  It is what created us, infuses us with Its Spirit, renews us, refreshes us and transforms us at the moment we identify It within us and within everyone and everything.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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