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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for August 16, 2015

         "The principle of growth is that of inherent vitality in the seed itself, and the operations of the gardener have their exact analogue in Mental Science. We do not put the self-expansive vitality into the seed, but we must sow it, and we may also, so to speak, water it by concentrated contemplation of our desire as an actually accomplished fact. But we must carefully remove from such contemplation any idea of a strenuous effort on our part to make the seed grow. Its efficacy is in helping to keep out those negative thoughts of doubt which would plant tares among our wheat and therefore, instead of anything of effort, such contemplation should be accompanied by a feeling of pleasure and restfulness in foreseeing the certain accomplishment of our desires. This is that making our requests known unto God with thanksgiving which St Paul recommends, and it has its reason in that perfect wholeness of the Law of Being which only needs our recognition of it to be used by us to any extent we wish. 
          Some people possess the power of visualisation, or making mental pictures of things, in a greater degree than others, and by such this faculty may advantageously be employed to facilitate their realisation of the working of the Law. But those who do not possess this faculty in any marked degree need not be discouraged by their want of it, for visualisation is not the only way of realising that the law is at work on the invisible plane. 
          Those whose mental bias is towards physical science should realise this Law of Growth as the creative force throughout all nature; and those who have a mathematical turn of mind may reflect that all solids are generated from the movement of a point which, as our old friend Euclid (Greek mathematician, father of Geometry) tells us, is that which has no parts or magnitude, and is therefore as complete an abstraction as any spiritual nucleus could be. To use the apostolic words, we are dealing with the substance of things not seen, and we have to attain that habit of mind by which we shall see its reality and feel that we are mentally manipulating the only substance there ultimately is, and of which all visible things are only different modes. 
We must therefore regard our mental creations as spiritual realities and then implicitly trust the Law of Growth to do the rest." - Thomas Troward, Let Nature Do Its Work

       I believe these words from Troward are so important that it would benefit us to read and study these words until they are fastened with faith in our consciousness.  From his wisdom we read that we must carefully remove from  such contemplation any idea of a strenuous effort on our part to make the seed grow and in these words he is reinforcing the Master Mind Jesus' instruction that "it is the Father (Spirit/Intelligence/Power) that does the work.  It is our responsibility to provide the concentrated contemplation of our desire as an actually accomplished fact.  In other words, to believe that "it is" ... formed on the Unseen Side of Life.

       Troward also gives those of us who have a difficulty with visualization to know that it is only one way in which to realize that the law is at work, though unseen.  And in this we can know that we can speak to our imagination what it is that we see with our spiritual vision and know with certainty that all things are coming together for our good through the inherent nature of the universal Law of Growth.  

       The mystical Neville lectured and wrote extensively about creative visualization and the transformation of consciousness.  In his book, "Seedtime and Harvest" we can read: 
"Your life expresses one thing, and one thing only, your state of consciousness.  Everything is dependent upon that.  As you, through the medium of imagination, assume a state of consciousness, that state begins to clothe itself in form.  It solidifies around you as the serpent's skin ossifies around it.  But you must be faithful to the state.  You must not go from state to state, but, rather wait patiently in the one invisible state until it takes on form and becomes an objective fact.  Patience is necessary, but patience will be easy after your first success in shedding the old and growing the new, for we are able to wait according as we have been rewarded by understanding in the past.  Understanding is the secret of patience.  What natural joy ad spontaneous delight lie in seeing the world - not with, but as (William) Blake says - through the eye!  Imagine that you are seeing what you want to see, and remain faithful to your vision.  Your imagination will make for itself a corresponding form in which to live. ... All things are made by imagination's power.  Nothing begins except in the imagination of mankind.  "From within out" is the law of the universe.  "As within, so without."  Mankind turns outward in our search for truth, but the essential thing is to look within."

         Through the medium of imagination we can assume a state of consciousness, Neville tells us, and in this we can find our way to move through whatever it is we must move through in our present consciousness to be lifted up in the new consciousness that we desire to experience.  Our state of mind while planting the seeds of desire in our imagination shall provide for us a marvelously wonderful new life experience as we trust in the Love and Law of G-d, Infinite Spirit, patiently and with our mind at rest, awaiting the pleasure to come.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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