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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for July 19, 2015

           "We did not make Life and we cannot change It, but we can use It, and the use of Life is through the imagination; because this faculty has, at its roots, the very well-spring of life and action.  Imagination carries with it feeling and conviction, which means life and action.  It awakens within us all the inner forces of nature and stirs into action latent powers which otherwise would never come to surface.  Will power may be necessary in its place, as a directive agency, but as a creative agency, it is non-existent.  Imagination brought the world forth from chaos.  "The worlds were framed by the Word of God."  Imagination is the power of the word, while will is the directive agency, denoting the purpose for which the word is spoken.  Man reproduces the power to create, and in his own life, controls his destiny through the activity of his word.  This word cannot be willed, but it can be imagined or imaged forth into expression." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Our imagination is a wonderful faculty of mind that allows us to truly realize what we want in life.  We are always using our imagination, but we are not always using it effectively to bring into expression that which we desire to experience.  Too often, we begin to use our imagination, but we don't expand on what we are imagining.  I believe this has something to do with the idea that imagining is sometimes thought to be the same as day-dreaming.  It is not.  Day-dreaming is "thinking of something" while imagination is allowing something that has caught our attention; an idea, a thought, or a desire, to be fully realized in our mind.  In other words, we allow our mind to image that which we are directing it to imagine.  As we consciously allow our imagination to expand upon the idea, the thought, or the desire, we can image the thing from something better, to the best.  As we use our imagination to bring forth the best about something, we can consciously choose what it will be by dismissing the images that do not appeal to us and strengthening within our mind a conviction for the images that really appeal to us.  

"He (Jesus) discovered something in himself, which he believed was fundamental to all persons. His teaching was that the Kingdom of God is within you – that this dynamic potential to achieve and to overcome is a level within yourself that the Apostle Paul called, "Christ in you, the hope of glory." [Corinthians. 1:27] Jesus said, and mind you, he said this: "...the works that I do shall he [you] do also; and greater works than these shall he [you] do...." [John 14:12] That is the key.
       Surely, Jesus has a message for us today. But we must see the difference between what I call the religion about Jesus and the religion of Jesus. Theology, the religion about Jesus, talks of the Divinity of Jesus and that we must believe in him to be saved. On the other hand, the religion of Jesus, as found in his teachings, emphasizes the Divinity of man, and that if you believe in your innate unity with God, you contact a Dynamic Power, then you are one with the flow of the means by which you can change your life. This is the fundamental that I think has been grossly understated, if not lost. I believe that this is what Jesus was all about."
- Eric Butterworth, A New Look at Jesus

I have found that using the imagination as part of affirmative prayer or spiritual treatment, gives me the advantage of having a greater conviction that the thing that I desire is mine.  In spiritual treatment, we always speak our word as though we have what it is that we desire, and our effective use of imagination works in the same way.  Don't imagine that you "will have" or "will be" or "will do" something ... but imagine what it looks like and feels like when as you "have it" or "be it" or "doing it" ... now.  When we have created the perfect image in our mind and are completely satisfied with what we see, then we speak the words that describe what we see and feel, perfectly as though it is true for us right in this moment.  What we see in our mind and affirm with our words, expresses in our outer world of affairs according to our belief that it is so. Our words have power, even without using our imagination, but what we imagine requires our word to be powerful.

     I believe that the Master Mind Jesus imagined the multiplication of the loaves and fishes before they were multiplied.  Einstein tells us that "imagination is more important than knowledge" ... knowledge gives us what is already known, imagination takes us into the realm of the unknown ... even that which has been believed to be impossible.  Jesus was not moved by the impossible, for he declared and demonstrated that "... for G-d, all things are possible."  And as Saint Augustine stated with profound wisdom:  "Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature." 

     Everything proceeds from "what is" ... we can increase the good we have, or we can create something new from what we have gained knowledge or awareness of.  The Master Mind Jesus did the same with the 5 loaves and 2 fish ... he multiplied them to feed a crowd reported to be 5,000 people. 
"... the miracle of abundance is not the multiplication of loaves of bread, nor the specific filling of a cruse of oil, not the drawing in of a mammoth catch of fish. The miracle is the all-sufficiency and ever-availability of Infinite substance.  This was Jesus' great idea:  that the Kingdom of Heaven is an opulent kingdom of substance, of creative ideas.  And the supply to meet our demands is right where we are - and what we need.
              In the story of the miraculous feeding, Jesus told the people to sit down and then He "looked up to heaven and gave thanks."  Right away we might find ourselves "straining out the gnat," for we return to the old concept that heaven is somewhere "out there."  It would seem that Jesus was looking up into the skies and saying, "God, you have abundance up there.  We need some of it down here."  But that isn't what is implied at all.  He looked away from the appearance of lack and emptiness, from the human feeling that "you cannot possibly feed all these people with one boy's lunch."  He closed His eyes to the lack and opened His spiritual eyes to abundance.
             There is no absence of God in the Universe, and there is no shortage of God.  The only lack in life is the thought of lack.  You are always as rich as you think you are, and the only poverty is of the spirit."
- Eric Butterworth, Discover the Power Within You

Imagine for a moment that your imagination is powerful ... then realize within your mind that since G-d is All-Power, our imagination is aligned with the One Mind, the One Intelligence, which is G-d ... and this is what makes it so very powerful ... and so we can take into our mind that which we desire to experience within ... that is the kingdom of G-d within us ... and soon enough in what may appear to be a miracle for others ... as within, so without ... and so our life experience shall be on earth as it is in the heaven within us ... and this is not just my imagination ... this is the truth.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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