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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (May 22, 2005)      

         DR. JOSEPH MURPHY, D.R.S., D.D., Ph.D, LL.D, wrote, taught, counseled, and lectured to thousands all over the world for nearly fifty years. Born in 1898, he was educated in Ireland and England. Years of research studying the world’s major religions convinced him that some great power lay behind them all ... and he painstakingly followed this lead to make one of the greatest discoveries of all time: The Power is within you !  Dr. Murphy was the Minister-Director of the Church of Divine Science in Los Angeles for 28 years, where his lectures were attended by 1300 to 1500 people every Sunday. The author of more than thirty books, including the spiritual classic, "The Power of the Subconscious Mind" ... he remains a beacon of enlightenment and inspiration for legions of loyal followers.

          Every spiritual and metaphysical teacher or practitioner is familiar with the work of Dr. Joseph Murphy ... and the successful ones have studied his work extensively.  The following is transcribed
verbatim from a tape recording of Dr. Murphy:
All the experiences, conditions and events of our life are the result of the totality of our beliefs.  Moreover all of us have many beliefs and ideas, which we have long since forgotten … perhaps going back to childhood … hidden in the deeper recesses of our subconscious mind.  All our beliefs and tendencies with which we were born are still with us and they have power to manifest in and influence our lives.

For example, if you believe that sitting near a fan will give you a stiff neck … your subconscious mind will see to it that you get a stiff neck.  Not because of the fan, which represents innocuous molecules of energy, oscillating at a higher frequency but because of your erroneous beliefs.  I have seen people in India operate working under a fan all day …it has no effect whatever upon them … the fan is harmless.  Surely you don’t say the fan gives you a stiff neck … it is molecules moving in space … if you’re afraid that you’ll catch a cold because someone sneezes your fear’s a movement of your own mind … which creates what you expect, fear and believe … others in the office don’t get a cold … when the virus comes around … there are many men and women in your office and your factory … they never get it … they don’t believe in it … they believe in health.  If you happen to be in a warm room and you go out in the cool atmosphere nature may cause you to sneeze … that’s nature’s way of bringing about a balance … an equilibrium in your body … a sneeze is a blessing … its a benediction … many however fear that they are now catching a cold … not knowing that it is the creative power of their own thought that caused the cold

This young man wondered what he had done to deserve such struggle ...  confessed to me that he had bought an astrology magazine that morning.  And it said that there was great danger of an automobile accident and to be very careful.  He said that he was charged with fear and shook all over when he read it.  He didn’t want to drive that day but he had to go for an audition, which was very important, and the only way was by car.  He had three accidents that same day, injuring one man seriously.  He was suffering from shock himself and also received some contusions and lacerations.  His car was badly damaged.  Job said, “what I greatly feared has come upon me” … it had nothing to do with the stars … the mercury in Venus, harmony in Saturn … they’re all molecules moving in space … like the Earth … there is nothing evil in this Universe … God pronounced everything good and very good … why should we have the effrontery, the audacity, the impertinence, to pronounce certain things evil when God pronounced everything good and very good … nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.  His great fear brought on these accidents … thoughts which are emotionalized are dramatized into experience by the subconscious mind … his subconscious mind took his great fear as a request and manifested it on the screen of space  … what we sow we shall surely reap … there is only One Power … that’s the Spirit within you … you call It consciousness … which is the way you think, feel and believe … what you give mental consent to.  There is no other power, cause or substance in the Universe.

I gave this man a prayer to use regularly and elaborated on the point … that if he filled his mind with these great Truths … his subconscious mind would accept them accordingly and he would be under a subconscious compulsion to drive harmoniously and peacefully … that nothing would ever happen to him … again.  This is the prayer I gave him, suggesting that he use it regularly and systematically until it became a part of him … just like an apple becomes your bloodstream … the same way you learned to walk, to swim, to dance, or play the piano, to type … you repeat a thought again and again and after awhile it was second nature an automatic response of your deeper mind to your conscious thinking and acting … that’s prayer … when you type you’re praying, when you drive a car, you’re praying … you’re conforming to principle … the wheels have to be round, the gas won’t drive your car .. it has to change its consistency and become a vapor … likewise, in order for your world to change … you have to change your mind … you can’t go on thinking the same old way … and in order to think in a new way you have to get some new ideas … you have to find out about the Laws of Mind … you have to get a read for your new thinking … and therefore you begin to think about whatsoever things are true, lovely, noble and God-like, you realize that your thoughts are creative …  whatever you impress in the subconscious, good or bad,  is expressed … therefore you begin to have a healthy, reverent, wholesome, respect for your thoughts … there’s a reason for your thinking then … so this man began to affirm, “this is God’s car, His own car … it’s God’s idea, of course it is.  Where did it come from?  It moves from point to point freely, joyously and God’s wisdom guides this car in all its ways … God’s order, symmetry and beauty govern the mechanism of this car at all times … God’s Holy Presence blesses this car and all its occupants … the driver of this car is an ambassador of God, he’s full of love and goodwill to all … God’s peace, Truth and understanding always governs the driver …God directs all decisions … making straight, beautiful and perfect the way.  The Spirit of the Lord God is upon the driver … making all roads the highway for his God.”  … a wonderful prayer.

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And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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