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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for April 12, 2015

          There seems to be a trend in the film and movie industry to make movies that appeal to those who are considered "believers."  Mostly Christians, particularly Christian Evangelicals and fundamentalists.  This is a great opportunity for filmmakers and the movie industry to elevate the consciousness much like the television industry has done on so many social issues.  Yet, there is no evidence that elevating the consciousness is included in any of the movies and films that are being distributed.  If anything these films have offered nothing new or even that interesting other than perhaps the titles; i.e. "God Is Not Dead."  This implies that there are people who have said that God is dead but if they have this news has eluded me.  But, perhaps there is a point to this title that the movie left out.

          No, G-d is not dead.  But the God of reward and punishment never existed except in the mind of mankind.  Neither did the God that favors one religion over another ever exist.  This is simply mankind's fantasy.  To make use of a medium such as film or movies to continue to perpetuate a God that rewards and punishes based on man-made religious dogma is both foolishness and has an almost sinister quality to it.  If to define sin as something that negates the good in mankind or to deny the Reality of the Intelligence and Love that G-d is, then this would have to be a sinful action in the minds of those who produce such movies and films.

        Charles Fillmore, Co-Founder of the Unity movement and a mystic in his own right, wrote: 
"Creation originates and exists in Divine Mind, God.  In the creative process Divine Mind first ideates itself.  In the Scripture this ideal is named Jehovah, meaning I AM the ever living - He who is eternal.  The creation is carried forward through the activity of the Holy Spirit.
        The Hebrew Jehovah has been translated "Lord."  Lord means an external ruler.  Bible students say that Jehovah means the self-existent One.  Then instead of reading "Lord" we should read I AM.  It makes a great difference whether we think that I AM, self-existence, is within, or Lord, master, without.  All Scripture shows that Jehovah means just what God told Moses it meant, I AM.  "This is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations."  So whenever you read the word Lord in Scripture say I AM instead and you will get a clearer understanding of what Jehovah is."

        Assuming what Charles Fillmore has written is true, we can come to the conclusion that G-d is within each and every one of us for we all use the words I AM even though we may not understand the power that is resident within them.  When Jesus said
"I AM the light of the world" he was referring to this one and same I AM that is within all of mankind.

        I remember reading many years ago that television programs were targeted to the mind of a 13 year old.  At the time I thought it was a provocative statement, but it was true nonetheless.  Television produces didn't think that the viewing public was much more intelligent than that or they thought that when adults watched television they desired to put their intellect on freeze-frame and preferred to let the mindlessness of television geared toward a 13 year old hold their attention.  Too often people have allowed religious teachers to treat them in the same way.  A minister once told me, "they are not ready for the truth" ... and I thought, how do you know that?  It is this same assumption that the television producers made that causes so many to teach that Jonah was actually in the belly of a whale and so much more nonsense.

       The movie, "God Is Not Dead" is of the same offensiveness as those television programs that did little but waste our precious time.  The movie pointedly tries to convey the false idea that without the God of religion people are without morals and have no reason or hope.  In other words, the movie implies that we all must be controlled by those who know better how to live our lives than we do.  And if we don't share their faith in the Big Guy In The Sky God then we are all amoral and without the ability to know right from wrong, resulting in becoming angry, mean-spirited or totally confused. It is so stereotypical of Christian self-righteousness that it is an insult to not only those of other faiths but to intelligent, loving Christians as well.  

       It does not take the mind of a rocket scientist to become aware in the reading of The Torah, The Holy Bible and other legitimate spiritual writings that all points to an Infinite Intelligence that functions in our lives through Love and Law.  When Jesus called this Infinite Intelligence "Father" he was using a word that gave a familiarity to what he was teaching about this Infinite Spirit and our relationship to It.  All of the great mystics became aware of this Intelligence as a universal, immutable and eternal Principle.  In a subjective context of mind, Jesus was referring to this when he said, "I and the Father are One."  Why?  Because we are all in the Spirit and of the Spirit and all the devils in hell can never change the truth of who we are.

         The mystical Ernest Holmes wrote: 
"Jesus tells us that the real treasures of life are eternal.  They belong to the Kingdom of God within us.  These treasures cannot be corrupted, they do not corrode, thieves cannot break through or steal them.  It is in this sense that no one gives to us but ourselves and no one takes from us but ourselves.
       No one could ask for a higher justice or a greater mercy.  If we can believe in an inner integrity, an inward security of which no man can rob us, then instead of putting on sackcloth and ashes and spending our time lamenting, we shall anoint our heads with the oil of peace, don the robe of confidence, and wear the shoes of gladness.
       Jesus, who knew all things, said that when we keep the eye single the whole body will be filled with light.  Turning to the light we receive the light.  But turning only to darkness even such light as we have will become dimmed.  We cannot serve two masters.  If we believe that evil is equal to good, or that wrong is equal to right, the mind becomes a house divided.  We shall have to desert the one to serve the other.  The mind cannot travel in opposite directions without disintegration."
To live the joyful life, the abundant life and the wonderful life more fully and completely, we must loose the falseness of the world from our mind.  Let's give up the false belief in G-d and something else and eliminate duality from our mind.  Let's know that the God of reward and punishment is dead for it was merely a creation in the worldly mind of mankind.  As Jesus said, "let the dead bury the dead" ... G-d Is Life ... Life expressed in the freedom and liberty to be all that is ours to be.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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