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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for March 1, 2015

          "Spiritual consciousness never weeps; grief comes from the feeling of loss; spiritual consciousness knows that there is no loss; nothing ever can be lost; whatever was, is, and evermore shall be.  To spiritual consciousness there are no tears; not because such consciousness is cold or indifferent, for the one who has entered spiritual consciousness loves with a higher, a truer and a far more tender love than they ever knew before.  Those who have entered spiritual consciousness know that all is well; and where all is well there can be no tears.  Spiritual consciousness feels the existence, the presence and the unity of all things, visible and invisible.  To be consciously in the spirit is to love all souls with the love of the spirit, and those who love with the spirit are one with all souls, both in this realm and in the realms beyond.  They are conscious of the great white throne - those who are in the form and those who are in the higher form.  Their sublime love has given them a sublime vision, and through that vision they can see that nothing is lost, that all is well, and all that is well is eternal.- (modified to gender-neutral) Christian D. Larson, The Pathway of Roses, originally published in 1912, re-published in 1994

At first glance these words from Christian D. Larson sound a little too  mystical to be practical but that is not the case at all.  Too many people stay fastened to human consciousness and never truly experience the higher realizations of truth.  In our human consciousness we fear death, suffer through seeming loss and grieve the loss of time and become aged because of it.  To believe that "we are only human" costs us the time of rejoicing and celebration that is ours only when we have the higher realization of truth.  The world we live in is depressed; the violence, hate, ignorance and the pervasive use of drugs and alcohol are all evidence that this is true.  The people of the world have become dependent on material substances rather than spiritual substance.  And most don't know the difference.

        Are these things practical?  Of course they aren't.  What is practical is that which is practiced that brings us into the higher realm of thought and faith in G-d and the good.  To cause ourselves to become conscious of life eternal, rather than a life of years on Earth.  We read so much in religious literature that we must live a certain way in order to enter into "eternal life" but we are already in an eternal life.  The Spirit never dies and our spirit is in the image and likeness of the Spirit that never dies.  This is what the Master Mind Jesus was attempting to teach the people ... but they didn't get it.  They believed they took his life on a cross ... but he lives ... and so does Moses, Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Buddha, Krishna and all the saints and seeming sinners of history.  "But" ... the doubters will say, how do we know this?  We don't know it until we are conscious that we are spirit having an experience in material form ... one at a time ... but always immortal.

        Let's go back to Christian D. Larson:  "Be not anxious for your life."  Live your life according to the very highest light that is within you; use fully and well all the powers that you have received; give your best to the world at all times and under every circumstance, and depend upon the Infinite for everything that existence may need or desire.  You will receive it.  You need not be anxious about anything.  God is greater than anything that can possibly happen.  Have faith in Him and He will see you safely through.  Things go wrong only when you fail to be your best and fail to take God with you in everything you do.  It is therefore in your power to place yourself in that position where everything will go right.  The lilies of the field are all that beautiful lilies can possibly be, and they depend wholly upon the powers divine that are within them.  Accordingly, they are an inspiration to all the world." 

And so we understand that fear and suffering, loss and depression are never necessary.  G-d never chooses any of these for us, but we do, sometimes over and over again.  Religion has thrived on making these things "real" for us.  But we have chosen to believe in them ... to accept them ... and even sometimes to feel we deserve them.  This is the foulness of religion at play in the world ... Mary Baker Eddy referred to it as "mortal mind."  And there were those that scoffed at her but the evidence proves her to be correct.  Even now with the seeming progressive Pope Francis in charge of the Catholic Church one of his cardinals in San Francisco is positioning himself to impose some of the most restrictive of "moral codes" on the people who serve in the church and the Catholic schools.  But this is just one example, there are others in other religions who are even more extreme in their attempts to take away the liberty that was gifted to each of us by the Spirit and Intelligence that formed our spirit in human form.  Those who are not actively engaged in a daily spiritual practice will be affected, although unconsciously, by this mental poison in the collective consciousness.  None of us are without help or without hope.

        Let's go back to Christian D. Larson:  "The soul never acts alone; whenever the soul acts, God acts also, in the same place, at the same time, and for the same purpose.  Whenever the soul undertakes anything, there is immediate and direct assistance from the Supreme.  Therefore, the soul can never fail; nor can any personal undertaking fail that is prompted, directed and inspired by the soul.  My Father (Spirit) worketh and I work; and I am the soul.  So long as I know and feel that I am the soul, the soul will act in all my work, and where the soul acts there God will act also, because the two are One.  What the soul begins, God will finish; what the soul aspires to be, God will cause to be."

There will be those of you who have read this that desire to have the higher realization of Life and Truth at a deeper level.  And every one of us can if we truly desire it with all our heart.  But, first let us realize as Jesus and Buddha and Krishna and Isaiah and so many others realized ... we are living in a mystery to us only to the degree that we let the world distract us from the Great UnSeen Infinite Spirit that is always with us and always available to us.  And this is the truth for you and me and everyone. 


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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