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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for February 15, 2015

         Note:  This message was first published on October 13, 2013.  The words in this message from Dr. Joseph Murphy and Joel Goldsmith are so profound I have been guided to this message to reinforce the wisdom that these two great spiritual teachers have imparted to the world.  Please take the time to "study" this message so the power of Truth will instill in you confidence and an elevated self-esteem that will draw to you that greater good that you desire to experience.

       "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?"  This one verse of the Twenty-seventh Psalm gives personal freedom from all fear.  It reveals to you the source of all power, strength, and wisdom.  It enables you to reject the power of externals, takes the burden off your shoulders, and sets you on the high road to peace of mind, health, and happiness. ... The Lord is the Presence of God, the I AM within you.  In simple, psychological language, the Lord is your consciousness.  What is consciousness?  Your state of consciousness is the way you think, feel, believe, and the reasoning behind your belief.  The cause of all your experiences is your thought and feeling.  ... Refuse to give power to conditions, circumstances, and the external world.  Your thought initiates causation.  There is no power to challenge Omnipotence; therefore, there is nothing to fear." - Joseph Murphy D. D., Ph. D., L L. D., D. R. S. "these truths can change your life"

In his book, "these truths can change your life", Dr. Murphy gives us many testimonials from people who realized that the only way in which they could experience a better life, was to change their consciousness.  There are many people today who do not like to use the word "God" ... or, as I prefer to spell it, "G-d" ... defining G-d as Infinite Spirit/Intelligence ... yet, most of the people who have realized the greatest results from studying and understanding "truth principles" have acknowledged G-d as the Source of the transformation that they experienced.  I think perhaps this is so because people who do not choose to use the word "G-d" make this choice because of some negative implications they have about the word and therefore have polluted their consciousness with a fragment of negativity, which obstructs the feelings of grace, ease and confidence.  There are those who will say that instead of the word "G-d" they prefer to use the word "energy" ... but energy may have a Law, but it does not have Love ... and Love is the attribute of G-d that seeks to experience the "good" through us, as us, and for us ... through Law.

     The American healer and teacher, Joel Goldsmith, writes in his notes; "The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us.  This ascension is understood now as a rising above the conditions and experiences of "this world," and we behold the "many mansions" prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness - in the awareness of Reality.  ... We are not bound by the evidence of the physical senses; we are not limited to the visible supply; we are not circumscribed by visible bonds or bounds; we are not tied by visible concepts of time or space.  Our good is flowing from the infinite invisible realm of Spirit, Soul, to our immediate apprehension.  Let us not judge of our good by any so-called sensible evidence.  Out of the tremendous resources of our Soul comes the instant awareness of all that we can utilize for abundant living.  No good thing is withheld from us as we look above the physical evidence to the great Invisible.  Look up, look up! The kingdom of heaven is at hand!"

       It is interesting that Joel Goldsmith wrote that
"the kingdom of heaven is at hand and look up" as this was the foundation of Jesus' teaching according to what Reza Aslan wrote in his historical look at Jesus of Nazareth.  It is noteworthy that critics of Aslan's book are many, but I believe he was able to give the greatest evidence of Jesus' healing work than any other book I have read about the historical Jesus.  And in this, we can know that "facts can change but the truth does not" and that which is true, is always true.  Goldsmith gives us insight into how our Soul is affected by truth.  We don't have to argue for our good, but we do have to realize that no good thing is ever withheld from us.  Now, this does not mean that G-d answers some prayers/desires and not others ... this defies the nature of G-d's Law.  What it does tell us is that we must hold within our heart the feeling of "having" all that is necessary for us to live the abundant life ... and in our mind we must foster the state of "knowing" that it is the truth that nothing is ever withheld from us.  

     There are those who seek the truth with such passion and interest that they never say a prayer or write an affirmation and still they experience a healing ... that is, something changes for the better in their lives because they are feeding their mind the truth and this truth begins to validate in their lives as they accept it to a greater measure.  In reality, the truth doesn't change the conditions, circumstances and issues that people are confronted with ... it changes their consciousness and a more developed consciousness of truth is automatically out-pictured in their life experiences.

       There are many people who just don't believe in themselves.  They think that other people have more ability, more beauty, more talent, more intelligence than they do.  This habitual sense of self-depreciation cannot give us anything but more similar experiences that we have had in the past.  It is self-defeating and a waste of time to compare ourselves to anyone else.  I have stated this before but I will state it one more time; we are here to express our own unique experience of life, otherwise our existence on this planet would not have been necessary ... it is necessary ... we are necessary ... and those things that come to our awareness to be, to do or to have, are necessary for us to realize the fullness of Life.

        Let's look at these words from Dr. Joseph Murphy and realize that they are coming to our attention for a reason:  "Let go of everything else if you must but never lose your own esteem. This is a priceless pearl and is dearer to you than your breath. Protect it with all your might.
        Perhaps the past has been a bitter disappointment for you. In reviewing it, you may feel that you’ve been a failure or at best have been plodding along in mediocrity. Yet in spite of any setbacks, if you refuse to be conquered, victory is awaiting you farther down the road.
Try to bring forth your enormous potential. You know that it’s there and can instinctively feel it. Your intuition and ambition tell you that there’s much more in you than you’ve ever discovered or used. Why don’t you stir it up and call it out?"


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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