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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for February 8, 2015

        From the American Mystic, Ernest Holmes' classic work of inspiration; Words That Heal Today:  "Jesus tells us that the real treasures of life are eternal.  They belong to the Kingdom of God within us.  These treasures cannot be corrupted, they do not corrode, thieves cannot break through nor steal them.  It is in this sense that no one gives to us but ourselves and no one takes from us but ourselves.
        No one could ask for a higher justice or a greater mercy.  If we can believe in an inner integrity, an inward security of which no man can rob us, then instead of putting on sackcloth and ashes and spending our time lamenting, we shall anoint our heads with the oil of peace, don the robe of confidence, and wear the shoes of gladness."

The Intelligence of G-d within us knows that justice is the ultimate Law of the Universe.  I hesitate to use the term intelligent design, but this is true of this universal, changeless, immutable, eternal Law.  Evolution has given us an elevated intelligence to know this is so.  And the truth of this gives us the understanding that Love and G-d are synonymous.  Love points the way and Law makes the way possible is the simplest form in which we can understand our relationship to this Law.  Yet in our moments of weakness or self-doubt we lose sight of the justice inherent in all things.  

       We have all heard that "G-d is closer to us than breathing" and we can have a fuller realization that this is so when we realize that Love is always with us in some form or another.  Love is the beating of our heart, the joy we feel in our soul and the vitality that enlivens our mind.  Our recognition that Love exists within us can cause us to be healed, to be prospered and to be blessed in a multitude of ways.  That which I am seeking is seeking me ... Love is the I am ... and Love is seeking me.  Love is always seeking justice ... seeking that which we have sown into our mind whether it be the loveliest thought that we have ever been conscious of or the ugliest most negative thought that has entered our mind.  If either become our dominant thought the result shall be just.

      Since there is no limitation in G-d or in the Law of G-d, there is no limitation in the way in which Love can enter into our life experience.  We limit or even oftentimes block Love from our life by the limitations we place on It.  Those of us who hold a persistent view in our mind that Love must imitate the movies or the romance novels, are holding a limitation in our mind that sometimes even the mercy of G-d cannot break through.  The human mind has been conditioned to believe that Love leads to marriage or a relationship with another person in some form.  Yet, Love is given and received in a tremendous number of ways that have nothing to do with the human-mind concepts of marriage and relationships.  The person who feels that "love has passed me by" because they are still single, widowed or divorced, is resisting the Power of Love to present Itself in their experience.  It is the person who recognizes the spiritual Reality that knows our soul is always seeking a relationship with G-d ... with Love.  The people, places and things are but symbols ... and too often we get so attached to the symbols that we lose sight of the real Love that is seeking us.

     Now, let us not conclude that marriage and relationships are unimportant for they are to so many.  But, they are not the end-all of Love's eternal seeking to be expressed through us and for us.  If we take the thought in our mind that Love is right where we are, we shall find evidence of It in ways that our conscious mind is often not aware of. 

        Let's think about these "Words that Heal Today":  "We all feel the need of an intimate and personal relationship with the Spirit.  We need the personal experience, no only of conscious communion with God, but equally we need the assurance that God will respond.  We must feel that when we talk to the Spirit we actually commune with It; otherwise, we shall have no sense of personal response.  Communion means that something goes out and something returns; that we not only seek Him (Spirit) but that we find Him (Spirit).  There is no such thing as a one-sided communion.  Unless the response is there, the attempt to hold communion ends in emptiness and futility.  We must gain the assurance that God not only hears, He (Spirit) answers; that we are not talking to a vacuum or attempting to commune with the emptiness of space."

And so we see clearly first we must develop a relationship with the Omnipresent Spirit of G-d if we truly desire to experience the Love of G-d.  This Love is always seeking us and will always find us ... but it is up to us to recognize that this is so.  Love will fill our mind with images that bring us joy and happiness ... Love will draw to us whatever it may be that will bring a genuine and lasting feeling of love in our hearts ... but we must loose whatever limitations we may have imposed upon our mind and let Love bless us in Its own good way!


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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