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Be Still and Know


From "Collected Essay Of Robert Bitzer" - 

If you create something you do not like, you can change it.  What you create you can un-create.

       If conditions do not loosen their grip on you, perhaps you are not in your effective place.  Consciousness establishes its own conditions.  If things in your outer world are not moving fast enough, you need to clear your consciousness.  Perhaps you are not doing what you really want to do and are trying to use willpower to make things happen.  Don't try to go through the stone wall.  Go back in consciousness.  Change your idea, change your evaluation.  Resistance, obstructions, and opposition could mean you are off your path.

      Get still and let the new idea come through.  Find yourself on your right path.  Here things work smoothly, joyously, and powerfully.  Stop struggling and forcing.  "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit."  Let God be you.

"You can overcome any obstacle. You can achieve the most tremendous things by faith power. Have big faith - not any old watered-down faith, and the change in you and in your experience will be little short of miraculous."
--Norman Vincent Peale

"One's willingness
to stand firm in
their conviction
 is a sure sign of the
"realization of self" 
of that individual.
...thanks again for
the passion that
you exhibit for
the teaching of
Religious Science."
The Rev. Dr. O. C. Smith
Founding Minister, 
City of Angels
Church of Religious Science

Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Henry Lee Bates, one of the last ministerial students of the Great Religious Science Teacher, Dr. O. C. Smith, brings his "Way To A Wonderful Life" to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the same venue where Dr. Bitzer spoke so eloquently in the Blossom Room before founding the Hollywood Church of Religious Science.
           Henry Lee Bates received his introduction and began his studies at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, then pursued advanced studies at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science under the Great Dr. O. C. Smith. 

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RevBates.tv is a Healing Ministry without walls, physical or denominational, that the world can instantly access and use without cost.  This work is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from the individuals we serve.  Contributions are greatly appreciated.

by Robert H. Bitzer

With a Forward by Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates
2002. Henry Lee Bates, Inc. All rights reserved.

                                                 CONTINUED - part 2

When I walked into the Hollywood Church of Religious Science in March of 1991, I wasn't prepared to meet a Master Teacher, but I did, and he was Dr. Robert H. Bitzer.  Even Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and author of the "Science of Mind," recognized Dr. Bitzer's genius and understanding of Principle.

 Dr. Bitzer's Hollywood Church of Religious Science building was sold in September, 2005, and the name has been changed to The Science Of Mind Center of Hollywood, heralding the end of this church which was once considered the Hallmark Church in the Religious Science Movement.  This building was a prominent landmark on Sunset Boulevard for 72 years.  This new name represents a new beginning for this organization and we can know that all is in Divine right action.

This small but concise book, "All Power To You," will change your life for the better even more so than you can imagine.  Dr. Bitzer uses the term "Treatment," the term "Scientific Prayer" is synonymous with the word "treatment."

Maximum Blessings,
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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By Robert H. Bitzer
Original Copyright 1940 By Robert H. Bitzer, Hollywood, California
 2002. Henry Lee Bates, Inc. All rights reserved.
CONTINUED - part 2                   

The purpose of Treatment is to create through Spiritual realization that which we want to appear as experience.  There is no limitation to what a Treatment can do, nor to our ability to give a Treatment.  Whether we want to demonstrate a peck of potatoes, a rose bush, a new house, a condition in the body or a new position, the PRINCIPLE is always the same.  Through Spiritual Realization we create that which we desire to appear as experience.  Creative Intelligence which is Substance follows the direction of our thought and assumes the form of our desire.


    We must look away from limitation, lack, discord and disease and look toward the Self which is the perfect expression of God.  Our unification must be complete in the God Mind.  When we have a specific need, we see the condition in the God Mind exactly as we want it to be.  This is Treatment.


    Our Realization is the mold which gives form to the Substance, Spirit.  There is just One Substance, Intelligence, Mind, God or Spirit.  Our thinking IN this Substance (not INTO) gives form to this Substance.  The Substance of all our experiences is the same.  We THINK Substance into the form of our desire.


    In Treatment we turn entirely AWAY from the condition as it appears, because, as long as we look at the condition we can never overcome it.  We emphasize NOT the thing to be overcome or changed but the Idea To Be Expressed.  We do not fight disease, but recognize a Principle of health which is normal and natural for man to express.  Not so much overcoming lack or limitation, but a definite conscious release of abundance.  Treatment always builds up something, some Idea, some Desire, some Conception that IS to be expressed.  The Treatment realizes Power to be released and then directs it.  As we speak our Word in the Positive way, we will put all our energy into the Word to be released, and none of our energy can go into the thing to be destroyed.  We think of That which is to be expressed, and the things that are to be removed or the obstructions to be dissipated will eliminate themselves.  When we let the negative condition alone, negation will destroy itself as we are concerned with the positive condition to be expressed.  A negative condition may not eliminate itself IF IGNORED, but will be eradicated through positive expression.

                           REFLECTS OUR THOUGHTS

    When we recognize man as a Spiritual Being, we see him EXPRESSING in a Spiritual Universe.  We see all form as simply the objective expression of Spirit, God or Mind.  We do not deny the existence of any form, condition or so-called material object; but we recognize that every form is the expression of Intelligence, that every concrete experience IS the manifestation of a tangible thought.  Regardless of what conditions may exist or what may surround us, we know that thought produces them - thought will change them.


    Each person IS the point at which the God Mind reproduces Itself.  Whatever man expects or hopes to find in his world, must be presented at this point of consciousness as an idea.  All experience is the movement of Intelligence - the result of man's direction or the reflection of his attitude.

                                       MUST CHANGE

    The demonstration of health is complete when every appearance of disease or sickness has been removed.  Expect your demonstration to be complete.


    Work scientifically, consistently and persistently.  Recognize that you are dealing with the Law of Life.  Know that it is the nature of Principle to respond to Itself.  Be of good faith.  Know that the Word you speak is the perfect Word of God and establishes Itself.

                                SCIENTIFIC KNOWING

    We do more than pray that aches and pains may be removed or that disease be destroyed; we seek to know our oneness with the Perfection of God and realize that God's Perfection as health is the Life filling us, flowing through every part of our being, vitalizing every cell this moment.  To ask God to remove a negative condition would be to recognize it, but to see our oneness with the True nature of God, brings through the Perfection of God.  Thus the negative condition is automatically wiped out.

         BE GIVEN

    Instead of asking God to give us health; we assume that God, the great creative Principle, the Presence in us now, IS the perfect health filling every part of our being.  Instead of asking as though we did not have the thing we desired, we ask, believing that we have it now.  By realizing that God-in-us is that health, we simultaneously ask and receive.


    Within the prayer when it is prayed are all of the elements necessary to bring it through as a manifestation.  We identify ourselves in Divine Mind with the specific thing desired, therefore Divine Mind fills US with the Realization of its Presence.  We lift our thoughts above our need.


    Treatment takes place within the consciousness of man.  Anyone can give a Treatment, yet our daily thought or attitude comprises an unconscious Treatment.  To be successful it is important to know WHAT we are treating.  Treatment takes place within our consciousness.  It is mental activity within ourselves - upon ourselves - by ourselves and for ourselves.


    Just as the gardener planning his garden carefully selects the kind and quantity of seed he desires to carry out his plan; so must we now WHAT we are seeking to do with our lives and carefully choose those ideas which will contribute to our unfoldment.  THOUGHT is constantly flowing into form.                

                              BETWEEN TREATMENTS

    When you have finished your Treatment turn away from it and let it rest.  Keep anxious thoughts about it out of your mind.  Know that the Treatment is complete within itself - go about your business and let it do its own work.


    Treat until there is no longer any need for the Treatment.  Work until the perfect fulfillment is established on the outer plane.


    Treatment is based upon the recognition of what man is by Nature, not what he seems to be, or what he is expressing.  All our treating must realize that God is within every individual, Perfect Man, Perfect Mind, Perfect Supply, Perfect Life, Perfect Health, Perfect Joy and Perfect Peace.

              There is within me a Power which is complete.
              This Power complete within me draws to my
              conscious recognition everything I need to
              express and experience.

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