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Spiritual Blindness
   Millions of people are "blind," i.e., they are psychologically and spiritually "blind" because they do not know that they become what they think all day long. Man is spiritually and mentally "blind" when he is hateful, resentful, or envious of others. He does not know that he is actually secreting mental poisons which tend to destroy him.

Thousands of people are constantly saying that there is no way to solve their problems, and their situation is hopeless. Such an attitude is the result of spiritual blindness. Man begins to see spiritually and mentally when he gets a new understanding of his mental powers, and develops a conscious awareness that the wisdom and intelligence in his subconscious can solve all his problems.

Everyone should become aware of the inter-relationship and interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind. Persons who were once blind to these truths, after careful introspection, will now begin to see the vision of health, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind that can be theirs through the correct application of the laws of mind.
- Dr. Joseph Murphy

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Dr. Raymond Charles Barker ( 1911 - 1988) 
          Dr. Barker opened the First Church of Religious Science in New York City in 1946, was President of the International New Thought Alliance and a well-known minister, author and teacher throughout the New Thought movement. 

His classic book, Treat Yourself to Life is often used in Religious Science classes. Dr. Barker explains how to change the subconscious pattern through spiritual treatment. Some of his statements: "There are unfortunately a great many people with attractive surface attitudes but with the same old rubbish underneath;" "If you fail to direct your subconscious mind, it produces under a law of averages, and you are a nice, ineffective sweet person;" "I call treatment mind surgery. It is the way in which you go into the subconscious, destroy old patterns and instill new ones."

He provides processes for treating the subconscious blocks which prevent individuals from attaining their goals. These treatments include everything from creating new ideas, eliminating problems, creating happiness, removing the belief of lack and limitation, how to decongest your consciousness and how to create a fresh mind!

His students included Louise Hay, Dr. Stuart Grayson and Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone.

My Thinking Prospers Me
 - Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

     I know there is only one Source of my financial freedom, and it is God, the living Spirit almighty. In my consciousness right ideas direct my thinking in ways of abundance. I know that money is God in action. I love and appreciate money in all its forms. I love and appreciate the many channels through which it arrives in my bank account. I think in prosperous ways and rejoice in my good.

              I now demand that every limited money pattern be erased from my subconscious mind. This includes worry about money and fears of lack. This insidious subconscious thinking is now gone and shall never return. My whole consciousness is free to prosper today and in all days to come. This it does with consistency and joy. All things are working together for my happiness and freedom to do what I want at the time I want to do it.

             In my consciousness God is the principle of ease, giving me freedom to be all I choose to be. I am always supported and upheld with spiritual ideas as I live life effectively and happily. I give freely, receive freely the good I share with others.  I praise the wealth of God now circulating in all my affairs.

Glory Lives In My Heart
 - Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

        Warm is the love of the Eternal, and it glows within me, satisfying my soul. I am fed in all my depths of emotional need by this inner well of Compassion. The universe glows with kindliness. Everyone offers me the warmth of love and the joy of friendship. The Glory of God is upon me, and I rest in Its perfect action. This deep inner sense of well-being is now forever established within me.


The expanding Power of God is the joy of my soul. Every good increases, and every good feeling is accentuated. The Holy Spirit of Peace is upon me and resident in me. Glorious is my day, and my heart rejoices. This inner deep feeling of greatness now directs my thought. I not only know the Mind of God, but I feel the Presence of the Spirit. I arise and shine, for the Glory of God is within me, and Peace does fill my world.


I can accomplish my aims. The Holy Spirit is in my mind now. Divine Love floods my emotions. Glorious is my thinking and my experience. God is my all; no more can I seek.

Money Treatment

 - Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

I now subconsciously accept this treatment. There is only one Creative Cause, God. There is only one Mind, God. There is only one Life, God. There is only one Substance, God. This present universe is the Glory of God. It is moving, flexible, fluidic creation, it is alive with the Life, the Abundance, and the Richness of God. I abide in prosperity. Mind created me in order that It might act through me. Therefore, I am receptive to Its abundance. I am receptive to Its circulation in my life in the form of money. 

Money is God's Idea of circulation in my world of finance. I accept this Idea completely. I appreciate this Idea; I like it. Money being God in Action, is absolute good, it is wholesome. It is a blessing to me, and I am now prospered with it. I have no fear of lack for I believe that I have plenty of money. It is God's Activity in my world. It is God's Activity in my bank account. It is God's Activity in my investments. It is God's Activity in everything to which I lay my hands. This money is flowing, this money is free. I do not attempt to lock it up. I do not put a fence around it. It is God's money, I let it flow in, I let it flow out. As I release it, I know that it comes back to me, pressed down, shaken together and running over. 

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." I am now free in money. I rejoice in it. I appreciate it, and I thank God for it. I have money forevermore.

And so it is.


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