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Our Foundation Spiritual Principles:


  • G-d is Absolute Good, everywhere present.
  • Every human being is an expression of the divine; the Christ Spirit, by whatever name, indwells all people. Their very essence is of G-d, and therefore they are also inherently good.

  • Human beings create their experience by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.

  • Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with G-d-mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good.

  • Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. A person must also live the Truth that he or she knows.

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Weekly Message for February 17, 2019


          "You must sincerely desire to be happy.  Nothing is accomplished without desire.  Desire is a wish with wings of imagination and faith.  Image the fulfillment of your desire, and feel its reality, and it will come to pass.  Happiness comes in answered prayer." -- Dr. Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

For most of us our prayers will bring us more happiness.  This happiness may come as the result of overcoming illness and manifesting health; or overcoming financial lack and manifesting financial prosperity; or overcoming loneliness and manifesting loving companionship.  In all things, happiness is the result that we seek.  Few people, if any, would choose to be healthy, rich, in love ... and unhappy ... so we can know that happiness is the invisible element that is desired to accompany the physical effects that we seek.

           Our prayers then, must be filled with happiness ... the joy of knowing our prayers are responded to by the Infinite.  From Dr. Ernest Holmes: 
"Your thoughts are tools that you use in affirming the creative Power into your experience.  You are going to make the affirmation, but the Law of Life is going to produce the result.  Never forget this.  It is not by holding thoughts that you accomplish good results; it is by thinking right thoughts and then releasing them into the Law of this Power.  The Law of Life acts upon them in some way which you know not of.  Moreover, you do not have to know.  Whatever you affirm, It will do for you, provided your affirmation is in accord with Truth."

           This "invisible" action of thought is no different than the action in mind when an artist paints a picture or a sculptor molds a form.  It is "thinking from the result" ... seeing in mind the manifested idea.  Everything is an idea in Mind before it manifests in form ... everything.  The computer that you are using was an idea ... first.  And someone imaged it into form by thinking from the result that was desired.

            Many of us will feel frustration rather than happiness when we look at the things we have compared to the results that we desire to see.  This frustration occurs because we think we must "do" something to get from where we are or what we have to what we want to be or to have.  Our responsibility is not to "do" ... but to "be" ... and the most powerful decision we can make is to "be happy" ... happiness is one of the attributes of G-d; JOY ... and it is powerful in its attracting energy.  We are all attracted to people who are happy ... and being happy will attract to us the people and things necessary to manifest our desires.

             From Dr. Holmes:
  "We must learn to live by inspiration.  That means that we should let the spiritual depths of our being flow through our conversation and into our acts.  Living by inspiration does not mean living chaotically.  Our whole purpose is to make the intellect and instrument for the Spirit.  This is exactly what an artist does.  We must all become artists in living.  To live by inspiration means to sense the divine touch in everything; to enter into the spirit of things; to enter into the joy of living." 

              Inspiration comes to us when we choose to be happy ... happy with our work; happy with our relationships; happy with our ability to overcome illness and lack.  We can move from "becoming" to "being" through the activity of our thinking.  We must always keep in mind that as our thoughts are in alignment with the Infinite ... with the Truth ... we are using the Power that is Present within us.  "That which is within me is greater than that which is in the world" ... this is the Truth.  For the Power of the Infinite is "personal" to us as we recognize It ... and think according to Its nature ... and Its response is automatic and as precise as the law of gravity.  It is All-ways Present ... All-ways available ... All-ways responsive ... All-ways giving to us, through us and as us.  This is the Truth that manifests our desires with happiness ... great happiness!

Keep the Faith!
Henry Lee Bates
(Reverend Dr.)


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