"To love is to have power, and to be loved is to be given more power.
Let all that ye do  be done in love."
- 1Cor. 16:14


      by Hannah Moore Kohaus

God is my help in every need,
God does my every hunger feed.
God walks beside me,
Guides my way,
Through every moment of the day.

I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient kind and loving, too.
All things I am, can do and be,
Through Christ, the Truth, that lives in me.

God is my health,
I can't be sick!
God is my strength,
Unfailing --- quick!

God is my all,
I know no fear.
Since God, and Love,
And Truth are here.

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"You can overcome any obstacle. You can achieve the most tremendous things by faith power.  Have big faith - not any old watered-down faith, and the change in you and in your experience
will be little short of miraculous." --Norman Vincent Peale


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