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              Rev. Bates teaches the "evolutionary science of mind, the wisdom of the ancients and the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus." 

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Hope is more than a 4-letter word

mansplaining spirituality

to give is to live



Rev Bates
Henry Bates

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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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The Way to a Wonderful Life

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by Rev. Bates


     Now is the time to set our sights high and "go for it" ... knowing that our desires are gifts from the Infinite for us to experience. Knowing that I am in the One Mind, I never doubt that my desires come to me from this Mind, so I quickly associate myself with my Good desires knowing that as I do, I am unifying with the Only Mind there Is, God. I allow myself to be confronted with unlimited opportunities, so I can choose with wisdom that which I am to successfully accomplish. I know that nothing can keep me from reaching my goals and I am forever thinking onward and upward, aspiring to experience more and more of the abundant Good that is available to me. My vision is always directed to the highest and the best, knowing that as I accept only the best ... this is what I receive. My acceptance of only the best insures that I live a "first-class" life ... filled with luxury and opulence. I know that the Universe is infinitely abundant and there is enough to share and to spare for everyone ... and my experience of God guarantees me that which is mine! And so it is.

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   spiritual, not religious