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the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus. evolutionary science of mind


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              As you read these archived messages, be mindful of the fact that consciousness is always developing and expanding.  Rev. Bates' truth in 2000, may be quite different than his truth in later years.  The Truth does not change, but as we become more aware of Life and experience more of It, "our truth" does change ... let's know, for the better.
Enjoy! ... Rev. Bates

Year 2000 Weekly Messages
 (Beginning of Archives, Oct. - Dec., 2000)

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               Rev-Bates teaches the "evolutionary science of mind, the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus" and the wisdom of the ancients ... knowing and understanding that the greatest honor we can bestow upon any great teacher is to present their work so that it is attractive to, and studied, by a contemporary audience.

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the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus. evolutionary science of mind