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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for November 16, 2008 

                                 "When you first attempt to turn within you might ask, “But what am I turning in toward?”  Begin to feel that you are drawing upon a vital force that is within you.  You are attuning yourself to a Power, a dynamic force of creativity.  Like turning on the faucet and expecting water to come out, when you turn within, you are expecting the flow of Spirit.
        If you press a button on an electric stove, the grill will get hot.  If you turn the gas jet on, a flame appears.  Now, when you turn within, expect to find something.  Expect to find the vital force of life, the Power that is within you.  Have a consciousness of expectancy.
         If you turn within expecting to sense something, to contact the Power that is always available, then something will begin to come through.  You will begin to feel your connection with the flow of life within you.
"  - Dr. Frank Richelieu , The Art Of Being Yourself 

     Whenever I think of our personal relationship with the Infinite, I recall the words of Catherine Ponder, "Open your mind to receive," as this is the state of mind that brings us ever closer to a greater realization of God's availability.  We want to receive the gifts of the Spirit, and as we turn within, we open ourselves to these gifts that are as infinite as Life Itself.  Our Creator has created us as infinitely individualized expressions of Itself and so we can, with good reason, know that God responds to us personally in Spirit and impersonally as Law, in infinitely unique ways.  Unlike religion, in Truth we know that no one is ever outside the kingdom of God, except by choice ... and only in our mind is this ever so.

     Imagine that the ideas that come to us are God's ideas for us.  Imagine also that along with this idea, everything necessary to accomplish it, to have it, or to be it ... is ours as well.  However, it is up to us to "connect" with this infinite flow of giving-ness, this vital force of life that is within us.  As Dr. Richelieu explains to us in his words above, we must turn within "expecting to contact this Power."  In truth, he is merely restating an eternal truth, "seek and ye shall find."  And each and every one of us can find confidence in knowing, "that which I am seeking, is seeking me."  For the idea and the mind that becomes aware of it are unified in the One Mind which is God.  We are here to experience the "ideas" that we can claim as ours, especially our personal relationship with God, Infinite Spirit.

     Far too many of us continue to retain fragments of a belief in a God out there, somewhere ... that is a God of reward and punishment, in our consciousness.  But the Presence is always Present ... never in the Past.  Whatever I am thinking today is my truth, no matter what I may have thought yesterday.  As we fully and completely release all ideas of reward and punishment for our past thoughts and actions, we can know that God is responding to us in the affirmative, now ... in the Present.  As we turn within realizing that "this is our moment" ... relinquishing all doubt, our response from the Infinite takes on a greater immediacy and power.

     Often, I have found that people fail to turn to God except in times of crisis or when issues arise in their lives that seem difficult to solve.  But, as we think about this we can realize that this is part of the "cause" of why we find ourselves in crisis and with difficult issues.  We can read in scripture, "my God is a jealous God" ... in other words, God within us, requires our "fidelity" in order to maintain the good in our lives.  The two commandments, "love God and love your neighbor has yourself" ... calls us to love God first.  If we treated our spouses and significant others as we sometimes treat God ... we would soon find ourselves being suddenly single!  To love God means to give our attention to God, no different than we can expect from someone who loves us.  As we build a relationship with God by "recognizing" God as a part of all that concerns us, we can expect with confidence that "God will perfect that which concerns us."  This is what the Master Mind Jesus meant when he said, "the Father works, and then I work" ... the Father is the Power and Presence that surrounds us, presses against us, and flows through us as Life, as Good, as Love.  If we edge God out of our lives, then we in effect, edge out the very good we seek to experience more fully and completely.  We edge God out by letting the "stuff" outside of us, distract us from our very personal relationship with God.

     From The Science of Mind:  "The Essence of Reality is invisible, but the substance of the invisible is seen and heard, and is part of the everyday life of all!"

And so we can ask ourselves, what is the substance of our thinking? ... how often are our thoughts turned to God within us for guidance, for support? ... does God sustain us and maintain us each day or are we looking for someone else or something else instead?  Our personal relationship with God can be whatever we choose it to be.  God has created us as the "chooser."   It can be an occasional dive into the depths of our soul when times get hard ... or it can be a life lived daily in the kingdom of God's ever-lasting Love and Good-ness.  It is up to us ... All that we seek, we will find! 


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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