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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for November 9, 2008 

                                 "When you know that Infinite Intelligence is always your provider, you will know you cannot want.  You cannot lack.  If, however, you condemn what you have, if you see only limitation, and if you do nothing but criticize, your good will diminish rather than increase.  Condemnation restricts.  Praise and blessings increase. ... If you are not demonstrating your good, you are out of step with life.  Listen to what life is trying to tell you.  Know that the Power is within you.  Stop looking at the lack.  Stop blaming and start praising. ... Do not try to change your life by changing your effects.  Do not try to change things, people, circumstances, or your bank account.  Concentrate on consciousness first and when you have a rich consciousness, your outer world will begin to reflect this consciousness.  You will begin to demonstrate your good."  - Dr. Frank Richelieu , The Art Of Being Yourself 

     I have learned that "gratitude" is more than just being thankful for what we have, or even for what we expect to receive. Authentic gratitude comes with the realization that all things come through our very own consciousness, from God, Infinite Spirit.  In fact, it is the greatest feeling of gratitude we will ever experience.  And in the moment that we feel it, we automatically have a greater zest for life, a greater enthusiasm for living, and a greater feeling of hope, joy, and love.  It is an amazing transformation of the mind to know that God is working for us, through us!  Never again will we doubt our ability to demonstrate the good that we desire to experience as long as we maintain this gratitude for the Source of All-Good:  God working through our consciousness.

     A few years ago a young man, I will refer to him as Bill, contacted me and told me that he was experiencing a great deal of frustration because he was failing to demonstrate the things that he wanted.  He felt his life was being restricted by the amount of money he made and he was having difficulties just getting the necessary bills paid.  I asked him if there were opportunities where he worked for advancement and he told me that there was but that the job that he really wanted required that he have a car that was in good condition.  He said, "Rev Bates, I am so embarrassed but all I have is an old pick-up truck that I drive as my wife is a "stay at home mom" and doesn't work and we just don't have the money for anything better in the near future."  He went on to tell me, "And the pick-up really needs work.  I can't even park it in the parking lot at work as it has an oil leak.  I feel like I am just stuck in a hole that I can't dig myself out of."

     The thought went through my mind, "when things go wrong, don't go with them," and although this is a profound statement, it can seem a little harsh unless we understand it.  What it means, is that we cannot allow our "feelings" to be controlled by the problem.  I realized that Bill's mental attitude was being drained of hope.  Not only did he think he was incapable of getting the better job, his self-image was being battered each time he had to park his pick-up away from his place of work.  It was not difficult to mentally see a look of defeat on his face as he walked into work each day.  But I knew this was not the truth for him ... he was more than his experience and he was capable of rising above this condition. 

     I asked him what were the circumstances in which he received the pick-up truck.  He told me, "I bought the pick-up before I got married.  At the time I thought it was a beauty.  It was a better pick-up than any of my friends had, a V-8 engine, ruby-red color, with chrome wheels and the best stereo system of any truck around.  I really loved it.  But, that was almost eight years ago.  After the baby came we could never put the money together to trade it in for a car."  From what Bill was telling me, I was certain there were probably several "limiting beliefs" at work in this situation.  But, recognizing this, I also knew that there is a Power that is greater than "limiting beliefs" within him, and by aligning his thoughts with this Power, he could receive the good (new car/new job) that he desired.  Bill was seriously judging his life by "appearances" and as the Master Mind Jesus taught, if we do judge, use "righteous judgment" ... in other words, use the "energy" that we expend on "false judgment" to focus on that which we want, not on that which diminishes life.

I explained to Bill that he had received his pick-up truck through his mind.  And the reason he received it was because he "believed" that he could have it.  That and the fact that it had a high level of "appeal" to him, opened his mind to receive it.  His mind was focused on having it, rather than "not having" it.  I told him that as he builds in his mind gratitude for the "idea" of the job that he would like to have, this gratitude will align his mind to his Source; God, Infinite Intelligence.  I explained to him that even though he may have had little hope that he could get this job, there is a Power greater than him, that will work "through him" ... through his mind ... to manifest the job he accepts for himself.  By silently and consistently affirming that the job is his and taking the time to contemplate this new life experience ... to mentally heighten the appeal of it ... and to consciously deny all thoughts and feelings that would deny it ... it would be his in due time.  Most of all, I told him, be grateful to the Source of this idea, God, Infinite Mind, know with me that this is God's idea for you.  I also suggested that he keep this between him and God alone, until the demonstration was complete.  He readily agreed to follow my suggestions and I assured him that I would work for him in prayer.

     Within six months, Bill contacted me to tell me some good news.  The owner of the company was so pleased with his work and so confident of his ability to succeed in the new job, that the company supplied him with a car for company business.  With the increased income, he and his wife purchased a new car for the family using the ruby-red pick-up truck as a trade-in.  Bill continued to study the weekly lessons on RevBates.tv and to spend time in the silence of his mind grateful for realizing the Presence of God in his life.  He learned that being grateful to his Source opened his mind to something greater within him than he previously could have imagined.

"Many are called, but few are chosen" ... this statement from scripture provides us with insight into our relationship with God.  Many of us are given ideas that will prosper us and, in turn, those we love. But we must choose to be grateful, first for the idea, and then to God working through our consciousness to manifest the idea in our experience.  Gratitude reveals our greatness as we live consistently with an attitude of gratitude!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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