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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 26, 2008 

                                 "Troward says, "I am that which I contemplate."  You become what you claim and feel yourself to be.  Except you now believe and accept as true that you now are what you long to be, you will remain as you are.  In other words, you will die in your sins, meaning you will fail to reach your mark in life.  If a man who is poverty-stricken refuses to enter into the mood of opulence and the belief in a God of abundance forever supplying all his needs, he will remain poor regardless of the church he joins or what creed he adopts." - Dr. Joseph Murphy, "Peace Within Yourself:  The Meaning Of The Book Of John"

     With the continuing news reports of the financial challenges being experienced by the Global Community, I thought it best to keep us on track with the spiritual truth of money and prosperity.  One of the great seeming challenges of people who are new to metaphysics is to understand that "money has no power" of itself.  Money only has the power that we give it.  If we believe that lack of money creates problems and obstacles for us ... we will experience problems and obstacles when we lack money.  And we will only lack money ... when we believe in lack.  And by "believe in lack," I mean, when our thoughts are focused on lack, worrisome thoughts about money, fear of loss of money, etc.  In other words, the thoughts that we think about money create our beliefs about money and our beliefs about money will become our experience with money in due time.  But, for many of us, negative thoughts about money is a difficult habit for us to break.  

     What we believe about money, for many of us, has been our belief for a long time.  And this is why many of us do not demonstrate the good things that we desire to experience because we give power to money, rather than power to our mind; our thoughts and beliefs.  As we can read from Troward's statement above, "I am that which I contemplate."  So, we must think about what to contemplate, because so often what we think we want, is not a true desire of our heart, but a whim of the moment.  To work in mind for something we must be absolutely certain that it is something that we truly want.  And to be certain that we truly want something, we must contemplate our life with it, being it, or doing it.  If I begin to contemplate myself as a concert pianist, and this contemplation does not lead me to search out a qualified piano teacher and to take classes, it is a whim.  If, I think, where is the money going to come from to pay for the teacher, to pay for the piano, etc. ... it is a whim.  When our mind is focused on what we want, our mind has power over money.  We know that all that we need will show up when we need it.  What we truly want, we will contemplate to the point that it is as real to us as if it were already manifest in the physical ... and any thoughts that would distract us from it will not enter our mental household.  "The knowing of the truth is simply a movement of our mind whereby we identify with our desire, accepting it completely," writes Dr. Murphy.

     From Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, "Be ready for your demonstration.  You create your opportunity in consciousness.  Your design or pattern must be clear, and your direction must be unmistakable as you envision yourself fulfilling this design.  Your visual power keeps your imagination constantly working until it becomes so real that you could almost reach out and touch it. ... You prepare yourself to move into this new expression.  When you have prepared yourself in consciousness and accepted your idea with your entire being, then you are ready.  It is an inevitable consequence that consciousness makes itself manifest. ... Your acceptance is a state of inner consciousness.  Any delay would indicate your lack of acceptance; any opposition, interfering beliefs.  You work on yourself.  It is your awareness that must be ready.  You do not look to outside conditions, influences, or people.  You ready yourself.  Your inner acceptance knows when you are ready.  Like the fruit falling from the tree when it is ripe, so your maturity or ripeness precipitates your opportunity."

As we know, prayer is not for the purpose of making things happen, but rather to provide within ourselves an avenue through which the conditions we desire to experience can happen.  And we realize the only thing we can ever change when we pray is our own consciousness.  And it is a blessing that this is the truth for all of us.  As we realize that God can only do for us, what God can do through us, we also become aware of the power of our mind.  Our mind, aligned with God-Mind through contemplation, prayer and meditation is All-Power ... and is not dependent on anything, including money.  Mind over money moves us from wishing for that which is good, to claiming our Good!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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