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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 19, 2008 

                                 "God has endowed you with creative power.  Therefore you cannot spend your time on the receiving end waiting for things to happen.  You are a co-creator with God.  Your thinking and feeling must be unified with God Mind and God Love.  There is no substitute for spiritual initiative in every phase of your human expression.  Utilize the power that God has given you.  The right of choice must not be restricted to a rejection of what you do not want but must find its full concentrated force in creating what you do want.  You can create the kind of world that you want to live in." - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, "Collected Essays Of Robert Bitzer"

Dr. Robert Bitzer was not a student of Dr. Holmes, but an associate.  His words above are very important as Dr. Holmes stated that Dr. Bitzer could teach Principle even better than himself.  Dr. Frank Richelieu, who was a student of Dr. Holmes and a powerful teacher of Principle, once stated that "words are only sounds in the air or scratches on paper until we put them to work in consciousness."  And so we know that we must develop our consciousness in order to demonstrate or manifest the wealth that we desire.  Everyone wants wealth to some degree.  There is not one person reading these words that does not want at least to be secure financially, to be able to meet our expenses with some money to spare and to share.  And so we seek the way in which we can attain the wealth consciousness to realize the degree of wealth that we desire.  And, as in all things, we seek it in Mind.

     When the Master Mind Jesus announced, "I, and the Father are One," he was declaring an eternal, universal Truth.  At first glance we may wonder what this statement has to do with us, that is, until we read this revelation from scripture, "in Him we live and move and have our Being."  This statement clarifies Jesus' statement ... for if we are in God, we are One with It.  And assuming by faith that these statements are both true, then we know that the Father, God, It ... is Mind or Spirit.  And so we can know that if we are "in" the consciousness of God, then we are part of God's consciousness of abundance or wealth in all things.  At this point we may want to re-read the above statements so that we can become absolutely clear about these very important points of Truth.  Since we are "part of" the wealth consciousness of God, then all we must do is partake of this consciousness and claim it as our own.  This is why it has been written that when we pray we are to "pray from" the consciousness of God.

     From Dr. Ernest Holmes:  "It is a great mistake to say:  "Take what you wish, for you can have anything you like."  We do not take what we wish, but we do attract to ourselves that which is like our thought.  WE MUST BECOME MORE IF WE WISH TO DRAW A GREATER GOOD INTO OUR LIFE.  We need not labor under the delusion that all we have to do is to say that everything is ours.  This is true in Reality, but in fact it is only as true as we make it.  We provide the mold for the Creative Law, and unless the mold we provide is increased, wealth cannot increase in our experience; for Mental Science does not promise anything that will do away with the necessity for complying with the law."

     And so we begin to provide the "mold" for greater wealth, and we do this by increasing our "awareness of wealth" ... and by this I mean to fill our mind with the best of everything, with opulence and effects of affluence.  The Internet has made this easy for us to do.  We can visit websites with beautiful homes, or websites with beautiful jewelry, or cars, or whatever it is that we desire.  We can read about the lives of successful people.  We can visit stores that carry merchandise that we desire to own ... go to open houses ... test drive cars .... whatever it takes for us to increase our awareness of the details of what we want to demonstrate.  What we don't do, is "outline" ... which means to think about "how" we are going to receive it ... or "where" the money is going to come from ...  we leave these details to Infinite Mind or Spirit.  And as we affirm that what we "choose" to have "is ours now" ... then we must remain faithful and believe that God is doing Its Perfect Work for us ... and we will be guided and directed to our part in demonstrating our desire.  Let us realize that there is a progression toward the awareness of a greater good in our consciousness and as we give our love, faith, hope ... and time to consciously affirming this and involving this Power in our daily experiences, we progress naturally.  

     And once again, it is important that we "believe" ... so if we are thinking that we want to move from a $300,000 home to a multi-million dollar home ... our "consciousness" may not be "prepared" for such a drastic change, in other words, our "belief" may not support it ... and so we may demonstrate a $400,000 home, but that does not mean that the multi-million dollar home cannot be ours, we may just need to go through a few steps of enlarging our capacity to "believe" before we get there.  As Dr. Holmes states, "we must become more if we wish to draw a greater good into our life."  As a greater good becomes visible in our lives, our capacity is enlarged and we begin to accept more and more good.  No one should feel discouraged by this, and I assure you that as we begin to see the visible effects of our ability to accept more, we will begin to experience great joy in the process and at times, amazement at what we can accomplish with our mind.

Let's use this affirmation written by Dr. Frank Richelieu to begin to shift our mind towards the Power within us:  "I am a part of this great Power within me.  Through me, it creates after the pattern I give it.  I decree the desires of my heart, knowing they will be fulfilled."  As our wealth consciousness begins to reveal itself, we will truly begin to enjoy the best of times and the best of everything!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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