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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for October 12, 2008 

                                 "If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don't bring forth what is inside you, what you donít bring forth will destroy you." - Jesus, "The Book of Thomas"

     In Christianity, a gospel (from Old English, "good news") is one of four books of the New Testament; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  And for all of us there is value in understanding this for the "Good News" that we gain from these four gospels is the teachings of Jesus ... who according to Dr. Bitzer, was the greatest metaphysician to inhabit the planet.  From these four Gospels, Dr. Holmes gleaned our Principle, "All Is God and All Is Good." Besides God, Good ... there is nothing.  Duality is truly only an illusion that has been created by human fear and doubt.  EVERY JUDGMENT AND EVERY CONCLUSION SHOULD BE BASED ON THIS TRUTH.

     The Gospel Truth for all of us is that we have within us something greater than anything that we have experienced so far.  No matter how much success, how much financial abundance, no matter how many accomplishments we have experienced ... there is yet even more for us to achieve in this lifetime.  Within us is an infinite capacity for Good.  This is why even the wealthiest of people who never need to work another day in their lives ... are always busy doing something.  And whatever it is that they are doing, it is increasing the Good for themselves or for others in the world.  Since each of us is part of the One Infinite Spirit, we are always seeking to express more of It.

     Most of us are aware that there is something within us that is not being fully expressed.  We don't always know what it is consciously, but we know that there is "more" than what we are experiencing or have experienced.  The Master Mind Jesus declared, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within you" ... notice that he did not say, there is a "potential for Heaven within you" ... he said that it is already there waiting for our recognition and acceptance of It.  And most of us have had glimpses of this Heaven ... times when we have had thoughts that were beyond what our current beliefs could accept for ourselves.  And for many of us, we have dismissed these thoughts as "day dreams" ... believing that they are too good to be true.  But, let me tell you the Gospel Truth ... nothing is too good to be true.  "Act as though I am, and I will be," is the promise of God, and this promise is made possible through an exact law, "As you sow, so shall ye reap" ... also referred to as the "law of cause and effect" and in contemporary culture as the "law of attraction."

     "As you sow, so shall ye reap," is so easy for everyone to understand.  It is as precise as the law of gravity and works for everyone, everywhere, in the same way ... it is a universal law.  And just like gravity, it works for our good ... even when we are not so sure of this.  After all, when we drop a valuable piece of glassware and it breaks on the floor, it is, in that moment, difficult to realize that this universal law is working for our good.  But it is.  The "good" is that we can always count on it to work all the time everywhere and for everyone in the same way.  Imagine for a moment if this were not true ... life as we know it would appear disastrous.  We would never be able to count on our books remaining on the bookshelves, instead a few may float to the ceiling and others drop to the floor.  Commonsense tells us that the law of gravity works perfectly and precisely. 

     The law of sowing and reaping; a.k.a. the law of attraction, works in the same way as gravity; perfectly and precisely.  It always works for our good as it is part of the Divine Plan; harmonizing all things to the Good.  The law "favors" no one, instead we must "sow" in alignment with the Good, in order to "reap" Good.  Our "human ego" may disclaim this law ... fight it ... doubt it ... and even deny it.  But all of our disclaimers, fighting and denials does not change the Truth.  It is not a cruel dispensation from a manipulative God.  Nor is it "the enemy" or "the devil."  It is continually working for our Good.  If we accept thoughts of illness and disease, we will experience them ... but, as we turn our thoughts from illness and disease to wellness and health ... we will "reap" the seed-thoughts of wellness and health in due time.  Many of us still find this difficult to accept fully, but our lack of acceptance is due to our culture throughout much of history teaching us that we do not have the "power" within us to do this ... that things have power over us ... and that, according to the world, we are powerless against the so called "incurable" diseases that the world recognizes ... and so many other things. 

     As we look at "law" we can see that disease has no "law" to support it ... disease does not happen to everyone, everywhere, in the same way ... it is not universal and therefore not Truth, but an un-truth that has been accepted so fully in our culture that we have allowed ourselves to become defenseless against it.  And this "dis-ease" is not limited to our health ... it shows up in our finances, careers, relationships, businesses and more.  The law of sowing and reaping is the only sure way to a wonderful life.

Sowing thoughts of the Good guarantees us that we will reap the Good in all things.  Cynicism and sarcasm will only reap more of that which creates more things to be cynical and sarcastic about.  The law of sowing and reaping works 24/7 ... it does not blink for anyone at any time.  Whatever good thoughts about ourselves, about others, about God, and about the world in which we live, becomes ours to reap in good time ... these thoughts will release our imprisoned splendor and bring forth the good desires of our hearts ... and this is the Gospel Truth.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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