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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for September 7, 2008 

                                 "Today I let ALL men see Godís Presence in me.  Today I let this Christ-Self speak through me.  I let Its Love manifest through every relationship.  God asks no more of me than I shall reveal His indwelling Spirit.  This day, I bear witness to the Light within that Lighteth every individual. " - Dr. O. C. Smith, April 1987

     Through spiritual realization we can know that there is something greater in us than what we can see and something greater going on in the circumstances and conditions in our lives than the physical evidence may imply.  It is in this realization that God is within that makes all the difference in how we think about ourselves and our place in the Universe.  In this realization we can accept that our Good comes to us in the right and perfect time and that everything is working for our Good.

     Most of us have had times when we feel overwhelmed by the conditions we find ourselves in.  And for some of us, that is why we became spiritual seekers, because we believed that there is a way to experience more of life than what we have previously experienced.  And then, for some of us, we find ourselves not making much progress ... even though we are diligent in our spiritual practices and study.  And so we continue with our work, but with a lingering measure of uncertainty and doubt.  And I can state that a person who never quits is never defeated ...  but, that will only motivate us for a moment because we must have spiritual conviction and this only comes with successful spiritual demonstration.  And successful spiritual demonstration only comes with spiritual conviction.  

     So, we must develop conviction and conviction requires that we have faith in God; Principle ... and that also we keep faith with ourselves.  From Dr. Joseph Murphy:  "Every man and woman must have a sense of self-esteem.  We must approve of the Self within us and give honor to the qualities, attributes, and potencies of God.  God dwells in all of us, and the Self of each of us, is the presence and power of God.  Each of us must feel that we are wanted and loved - that we are adequate to every task, that we are needed in the scheme of life, and that we are fulfilling our role in the universe.  We are here to express ourselves fully and feel a sense of worth-while-ness and security in our oneness with God.  Inasmuch as we live with our self all the time, we must learn to like who we are.  Unless we exalt the God-Self within us, we may find ourselves feeling inferior, inadequate, insecure, and will perhaps even consider ourselves to be sinners!  No one can be happy who considers themselves to be a sinner.  There is a deep psychological and spiritual necessity for self-esteem in the hearts of all of us throughout the world."

     Too often, we let the conditions and circumstances of our lives dictate who we are.  We let our lack of prosperity make us "poor in spirit" ... and we can even resent our circumstances as if they have power over us.  The old adage, "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" ... comes from a consciousness of low-self-esteem and personalization of conditions.  A healthy consciousness might declare, "the rich get richer and so do I"!

     As we keep faith with ourselves we realize that conditions change, we do not ... circumstances change, we do not ... we are always Infinite Spirit having a human experience ... and we can be nothing else.   Keeping faith with ourselves is realizing that Spirit is expressing through us as intelligence, beauty, understanding, strength and love ... it is up to us how we choose to express these attributes of Spirit.  Through the power of awareness, we can re-direct every thought and eliminate every negative pattern in our consciousness.  As we do, we strengthen our conviction and in turn begin to fulfill our heart's desires.

     "You are Life expressed.  Life became you, and you are an instrument for Life's expression.  You are very important to Life, and you must recognize the fact that Life is intensely interested in your welfare, development, and unfoldment.  You have a special work to do here; moreover, you are different from any other person in the world.  You look different; your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are different.  You have a special natural endowment, unique capabilities, and special inherent gifts.  You are equipped to express Life in a way that no one else in all the world can." - Dr. Joseph Murphy

What a marvelous and glorious thing to realize ... that we are expressing God, right where we are!  The Master Mind Jesus understood this when he stated, "these things I do, and greater things still shall you do" ... imagine how amazing this is.  Let us commit to "release our imprisoned splendor" out into our world of effects.  And we can, by keeping faith with God and keeping faith with our selves!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
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St. Francis of Assisi