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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for August 31,  2014

           Throughout the month of August, 2014 I have been focusing on prosperity and ways in which we can achieve our desires for prosperous health and wealth and success.  In this final “prosperity” message I am presenting ideas from some of the master teachers of spiritual principles.  All of these masters of spiritual principles came before the book, "The Secret" made its way into the popular culture.  These were teachers who went against the mass thought and brought forth the "new thought" realizations of the meanings of the ancient wisdom and the ancient wisdom teachers.  Within the words of each teacher there is a "way" to bring a new vitality and energy to our spiritual work.  Perhaps some word, some phrase, or some statement will light the way for each of you to realize the abundant life that you desire to experience.

          From  Dr. Frederick Bailes, Minister, Author, Teacher, Healer -  "Suppose the problem is one of supply (money).  The person has a false belief of stringency.  We do not treat that money will pour into the life of this person even though that is what he wants, and we want him to have it.  ... in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus was dealing with deep, underlying beliefs.  When he came to the subject of supply, he admitted that the people's desire for food and clothing was legitimate, but he tried to show them that if they would seek the Giver, the gifts would naturally flow. ... The Kingdom of God, so often mentioned by Jesus and the ancient seers, is the consciousness of the oneness of God and man, and God's pouring into man all of His abundance.  This Kingdom is sought by breaking free from the mass view, constantly lifting our thought to its highest levels, and seeing God as never reluctant to grant our desires, but rather ever seeking to express a more abundant life through us." 

                Let's look to the masterful Eric Butterworth for some words of wisdom from his book, "The Universe is Calling":  "Let me repeat:  you do not pray to God, but from a consciousness of God.  Think about this.  Get it into your awareness.  So whenever you have something to pray about, before you start looking up and reaching out, pause for a moment and remember;  first get the awareness of oneness, as a mighty potential of life, substance, and intelligence within you.  Then set about spiritedly to pray from that awareness. ....  You may have thought that you were only praying when you said, "Now I am going to start praying."  No matter what you call it, your thought concerning any subject is a prayer treatment."

         From Catherine Ponder’s book, How To Live A Prosperous Life: - "Dare to be definite about prosperity, if you want prosperity to be definite in manifesting for you. People often hesitate to write down and think about what they really desire. They do not realize that the mind is the connecting link between man and the rich but unformed substance of the universe. If you never think definitely about the prosperous results you desire, no mental contact is made with the rich substance of the universe; you must drift along in a stream of limitation and dissatisfaction.
             When you write down your desires for the day, week, or month, list what you really want—not what you think you should have, nor what somebody else thinks you should have. Your deep-seated desires are God's good tapping at the door of your mind. Furthermore, write down dates by which you wish your desired good to be accomplished. You will be amazed at how the substance of heaven and earth will hasten to do your bidding when you give it definite desires and dates through which to work out good results. "

       Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, Money IS God In Action:  "We must be willing to live in a state of financial flux.  We must be willing to live in a state of financial flexibility and meet it without fear.  If we can do that we will have more money.  ... we need to be reminded often that we must be flexible in money matters.  When the barometer on our bank account goes down, it is merely an indication that it will go up again, if we remain open to the idea of money.
              You must sell yourself on money as a spiritual idea until it becomes an automatic subconscious pattern within you.  You will find that the people who have the greatest freedom in money are the people who no longer have to think about money.  They have arrived at a subconscious conviction that they will always have it.  And, they always do have money, because they are subjectively convinced of the fact."

      Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote:  "The law of your mind is the law of belief itself.  What we believe makes us who we are. William James observed that whatever people expect to be true, will be so, irrespective of whether the object of their belief exists in fact. In the West we have made ‘the truth’ our highest value; this motivation, while important, is weak next to the actual power of belief in shaping our lives. Whatever you give your subconscious – false or true, good or evil – it will register as fact."

From the mystical Ernest Holmes -  "Centuries ago the Psalmist caught a Divine Inspiration and began to think about God as the Good Shepherd.  As he did so, a great wave of peace flowed through his whole being, a feeling of trust and confidence, and his soul began to sing within him.  ... Of all the inspired writings of the ages none is more beautiful than the Twenty-third Psalm, none more filled with quiet contentment and complete assurance, none more replete with the comfort and consolation of the thought that we are not left alone to buffet our way through life, here or hereafter. .... The Lord is My Shepherd; I shall not want."

Ernest Holmes writes further:  "Thou preparest a table before me in the Presence of Mine Enemies ...  The table of the Lord is forever spread and on it are the gifts of Life, including health, happiness, joy, and success in living.  Good can be found anywhere, if we look for it.  Abundance can spring from want, peace from confusion, and joy from unhappiness, right where we are.  The table of God is eternally spread, but, if we are too busy to come and eat, then we cannot expect to partake of the Divine Bounty."

From Wallace D. Wattles 1910 Classic book, The Science of Getting Rich -   "Form a clear conception of what you seek to accomplish, but do not let what you seek to accomplish interfere with doing perfectly what you have to do now.  Your concept of what you want is a guide to your energies, and an inspiration to cause you to apply them to the utmost to your present work.  Live for the future now.
                   Suppose that your desire is to have a department store, and you have only capital enough to start a peanut stand.  Do not try to start a department store today, on a peanut stand capital; but start the peanut stand in the full faith and confidence that you will be able to develop it into a department store.  Look upon the peanut stand merely as the beginning of the department store, and make it grow; you can." 

    The great philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said:  "You are because God is.  You live because God lives in you."

        And from the marvelously inspiring Rev. Ike:  You can work wonders with your mind. There is one important thing that you must do: You must make up your mind.  That is number one, make up your mind.  Make up your mind what you want to be.  Make up your mind what you want to do.  Make up your mind what you want to have.  You can work wonders with your mind but first you must make up your mind. 
          When you make up your mind, your mind-power goes forward to work for you.  Wow!  You see, when you make up your mind, something always happens.  Because, the idea of which you make up in your mind is the word that goes forth out of my mouth (Isaiah 55:11).
All of your obstructions are self-inv
ented. All of your obstructions are self-constructed. All of your barriers are self-constructed. Thank God, they can be self-destructed. Through your mind-power you are your own devil, you are your own God, you are the only one who gives to yourself, and you are the only one who takes from you.  The President nor the Governor can take anything from you.
          Let’s stop right here because all of this ought to BLOW YOUR MIND. You ought to stop and think for a moment here: the only reason you cannot have the good that you desire is the reason you yourself invented. You said, “Yes I want a new home but…” That’s your own but that’s in your way.
Let me make this last statement and I want you to write in your heart as well as in your notes: There is nothing that a made-up mind cannot do. 

The key to self-mastery of prosperity can be found in the words of the  Master Mind Jesus:  "For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him."   This is a statement of consciousness that none of us can avoid ... it may appear to be harsh ... but, in truth, it is telling us to how to avoid loss and lack permanently.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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