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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 26, 2007 

            "One of the delights of this world man cares most for ... sexual intercourse ... yet he has left it out of his heaven." - Mark Twain, American Writer

We know that consciousness is everything, and so we also know that we attract all things to us, in consciousness.  But, there continues to be so much about sex that is taboo ... and talking about it is one of those things.  I have received several messages in the last few weeks regarding sexuality and how it is affecting marriages.  When I inquired to one spouse if he and his wife were discussing sexuality openly with each other, his answer was a simple "no."  And I am finding not talking about sex is the norm.  Oh, I know, that "Sex in the City" was one of the most popular shows on cable television ... but many people talked about the show, but not sex.

      Reading comments posted on the ABCnews.com Blog, regarding an article about "Swinging" ... I read so many comments from people that were filled with words of shame and guilt.  Some were quoting the Bible and writing that those who participated in "swinging" were adulterers and going to hell.  Now, I have no more interest in being a "swinger" than I do in being a rocket scientist ... it was just one of those articles that give most of us a "glimpse" into a lifestyle that we know little about.  After reading the article I thought that it was interesting that many of those who were participants viewed sex as only physical.  Nothing is "only" physical ... and I would state that especially sex is not just physical.  I would be less than honest if I did not say that this article "challenged" my Mid-America value system.  Although I consider myself fairly sophisticated and non-judgmental, I realized as I read the article that it was pushing my feelings about sexual expression.  However, I realize that for most of us, sex continues to push our buttons when we are confronted with issues that contradict our own ideas about sexuality.  The Good in the reading of the article is that I realized how important it is for us to communicate with each other about our thoughts on sexuality.  Open communication regarding sexuality can be a great determinant in whether we have a satisfying, successful marriage or relationship ... or not.

     It seems that since Adam and Eve covered their nakedness in the Bible story, the world has made the body and especially sex, somehow outside the realm of spirituality.  Yet, this could never be true.  In Louise Hay's best selling book, "Heal Your Body," she writes that the "probable cause" of "impotence" is:  "Sexual pressure, tension, guilt.  Social beliefs.  Spite against a previous mate.  Fear of mother."  ... now, when we look at these we know that all of them are originating from our mind ... and our mind is spirit ... not physical.  

     Psychologists and sex therapists talk a lot about the mind, body, spirit connection ... but All is Spirit ... All is God.  Traditional religion not only separates our body from our spirit, but even goes so far to see the "flesh" as a temptation.  But the "flesh" is not the temptation, it is how we think about the body that makes the difference.  Spirit is not in fragments ... Spirit is in All, and through All.  Since God is not in fragments, we must realize that we are not either.  Our body is not separate from our mind and our mind is not separate from our spirit ... they are One; the differentiation is only the way in which we respond to each of these.  For example, we differentiate "conscious mind" from "subconscious mind" ... but both are Mind ... it is the use we make of them that creates the differentiation.

     Sexuality is not about the body ... or the mind ... it is about the spirit.  Our thoughts and beliefs about sex and sexual pleasure are validated in the physical ... but they originate in our spirit.  In order to maintain a "healthy consciousness of sexuality" it is important that we eliminate judgmental feelings and negative ideas about sex.  And most of all, it is important that we talk openly with our sexual partners about our sexual feelings and desires.  As we learned above from Louise Hay, negative thoughts and feelings do become the "cause" of impotence and lack of sexual interest.

"Spiritual sexuality" is the awareness that all that we do is "in the spirit" ... that our creative expression sexually is unique to us.  All is of God, and this includes sexual expression.  Our consciousness of a healthy sexuality creates within us a healthy self-image ... and in turn a greater awareness of how Spirit expresses Itself in us and through us ... in All things.  Healthy sexuality ... is part of our "heaven on Earth" experience!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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