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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for August 24,  2014

           For the month of August 2014 I promised that I would be presenting different methods that people have used to demonstrate prosperity, and this week I have found something that is very intriguing and also something I have not heard of before.  But, since it is from the great Catherine Ponder who I respect wholeheartedly and taken from the work of the mystical Emma Curtis Hopkins, I am presenting it for your consideration as I do believe absolutely what one can do all can do ... and for those who find this appealing, it may just be the thing that will draw into your life an increase in prosperity in whatever form you desire it.  Oftentimes just our willingness to act on a new or different idea will bring about an increase in good from both expected and unexpected resources.  Some of you may be skeptical, but if you are not making definable progress towards realizing your heart's desires, this just might be the way.

        From the great Catherine Ponder's book "The Prospering Power of Love" we can read:  "I want to share with you a special method for getting your thinking into divine order, promptly and surely.  This mystical prayer method can add years to your life, as it relieves you of unnecessary worry and friction.  It can work wonders in your relationships with others.  It may even turn enemies into friends.  And it will surely add immeasurably to your own mental and physical health, and wealth."  

        Most of us, I believe, have had our time of worry and anxiety for various reasons.  For some of us our worry is about relationships; someone close to us, a family member or child.  For others our worry is about our health and for others, wealth or finances.  We must relieve the pressure of this worry and friction in order for the guidance and direction and the right ideas to come to our awareness.   

Let's continue with the wisdom of Catherine Ponder as she tells us how this method works: - "You can employ this special method of love secretly - with words.  True words are angels.  True words are alive with good, and they produce good.  But there is a definite method by which you can employ words and produce angelic results:  by thinking of the person you are concerned about as having an angel or higher self (spiritual-self), to whom you write.
    By writing to a person's angel, you establish in your own thinking a harmonious belief about that person:  you radiate your harmonious feeling to that person subconsciously; and you also recognize and bring alive in that person's consciousness his own higher, spiritual self.
     There is special power in writing to the angel of a person with whom you cannot reason or help in the usual ways.  There is something about written words of Truth that reaches to the judgment seat of such a person, getting past the emotional blocks of vanity, pride, deception, intellectual arguments, and penetrating his God-self." 

       In this simple wording Catherine Ponder is taking us into the realm of mysticism; that is the realm of faith and spiritual power that is unknown to those whom are shackled to the material world and lack faith in the Great Invisible, Spirit/G-d, or Life Itself.  Her book provides numerous testimonials of people who have used this method successfully for a variety of issues.  Enough testimonials, I might add, that prove it to be a reliable method for those willing and open-minded enough to make it a part of their daily spiritual practices.

      Writing to an angel is a method to relieve our mind of stress and anxiety and to place the responsibility for manifesting the good we desire on our "higher self" or angel ... that indwelling G-d Intelligence within each of us that has far more power than most of us can imagine.  Even the Master Mind Jesus declared, "I, of mine own self can do nothing, it is the Father (Spirit, Intelligence, Power) that doeth the work."  By writing to an angel we are tapping into the Intelligence, Power and Spirit that is the "Christ" within and as the apostle stated, "I can do all things through Christ (G-d in me) which strengthens me."

         Let's continue to understand more about this method: - "I first learned of this secret prayer method from studying the mystical, yet practical writings of Emma Curtis Hopkins.  She was known as the "teacher of teachers" in the metaphysical field at the turn of the century (19th Century), and taught this secret prayer method in her master classes in Chicago, San Francisco, and other cities around the country.  Fifty thousand people studied with her at the turn of the century, long before radio, television and other mass-media methods of communication were available.
       The Holy Bible also contains numerous passages for invoking angel-powers in times of need.  Abraham promised:  "Jehovah before whom I walk will send his angel with thee, and prosper thy ways." (Genesis 24:40)
        If writing to a person's angel in a general way does not seem to get results, sometimes it is more powerful to get specific, and to write to the angel of that person's particular need:  such as writing to the Angel of Protection, the Angel of Healing, the Angel of Love and Marriage, the Angel of Harmony and Happiness, the Angel of Wisdom and Guidance, the Angel of Prosperity and Wealth, or the Angel of Spiritual Growth and Understanding."

       Catherine Ponder includes in her book testimonials regarding financial increase and even great wealth being demonstrated using this method; both by herself personally and a businessman who used the method.  Let's remind ourselves at this point that this is practical mysticism ... connecting to our spiritual self or that higher self of another.

       And now we learn how to personalize this method: - "The word angel means "messenger of God."  Do not fail to write to your own angel when it seems that your life is filled with defeat, or when you are tempted to criticize and condemn yourself.  The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary explains:  "The office of the angels is to guard and guide and direct the natural forces of mind and body, which have in them the future of the whole man."
          Emma Curtis Hopkins writes:  "The Angel of His Presence accompanies every man ... This high leadership is every man's heritage.  He need not fear dangerous days or vicious circumstances while he is aware that his angel goes before him, pleads his cause and defends him."

It is interesting to note here that the great healer/teacher, Joel Goldsmith, also writes of the Presence that goes before us preparing our way ... as we recognize Its Presence.  This I have experienced personally so I know that it is true.  But we must spend the time necessary in the silence conditioning our mind to perceive the Presence otherwise It will not come to our awareness.

         And finally from Catherine Ponder:  "When challenges arise, say to yourself:  "I have nothing to fear.  My Guardian Angel goes before me, making right my way."  ... Never expect your angel or that of another to honor any requests that might hurt or harm.  Be willing that something infinitely better than that which you tentatively want will come as you use love's special method.  This will open the way for your good and for the good of all involved to manifest in an unlimited, satisfying manner.
         For invoking love's special method, meditate often upon the promise of the Psalmist:
         No evil shall befall you.  No scourge come near your tent.  For he will give his angels charge of you, to guard you in all your ways." (Psalms 91:10-11)


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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