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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 17, 2008 

                                 "Pure faith is a spiritual conviction; it is the acquiescence of the mind, the embodiment of an idea, the acceptance of a concept.  If we believe that the Spirit, incarnated in us, can demonstrate, shall we be disturbed at what "appears" to contradict this?  We shall often need to "know" that the Truth which we announce is superior to the condition we are to change.  In other words, if we are speaking from the standpoint of the Spirit, then there can be no opposition to It!  It is only when we let go of all human will, and recognize the pure essence of the Spiritual Principle incarnated in us, that thought rises above a belief in duality.  We should constantly vitalize our faith by the knowledge that the Eternal is incarnated in us; that God Itself goes forth anew into creation through each one of us; and that in such degree as we speak the Truth, the Almighty has spoken!" - Dr. Ernest Holmes, "The Science of Mind"

     Let us be clear with this, our faith in our prayers must be backed up with both a faith in our self and in God's ability and willingness, through Law, to manifest that which we pray for.  There is no god that can work miracles in our lives without working through our faith.  Matthew 9:22 ..."be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole ..." the Master Mind Jesus stated, knowing that God works through our faith, for God is Spirit and God is Mind, and our mind is One with the Mind of God.

    There are those who will say, "fake it until you make it" ... but as we know that God-Mind in-dwells us, any attempt to fake faith, is not wisdom.  As we begin to develop our faith in the Truth, we may lack confidence in our level of faith, but this is normal and natural.  If we were going to learn how to speak another language, at first we may lack confidence in our ability to do so, but with practice and persistence, we lose this lack of confidence.  Building our faith follows the same pattern.  "Faking it" ... only divides our mentality.  God does not require great faith ... only faith.  "... the size of a mustard seed ..." Jesus said, because he knew as we do in the Science of Mind, that this mustard seed will increase with persistence.

     In the Science of Mind we learn a methodology to prayer, spiritual mind treatment, that is patterned after Jesus' active prayer when healing Lazarus.  First Jesus "recognized" that God is All-Powerful ... with nothing to oppose Its Power ... and then he "unified" with this Power in his mind, knowing that It is the only Power there is.  Recognizing God as All-Power and knowing that he can "use" this Power through faith in It, he "realized" that what he was called to do, God desired for him to do ... and therefore his "thanksgiving" was evidenced by his knowing that God always responds to him ... "for you heareth me always" ... he "released" these words without doubting ... and according to scripture, Lazarus was healed.  The methodology; recognition, unification, realization, thanksgiving and release, were all contained in the Master Mind Jesus' active prayer or treatment.

     Most of us are familiar with Jesus healing Lazarus.  Some of us believe it actually happened, and others of us, don't.  But, the story has stood the test of time, and for those who practice "spiritual mind treatment" ... we are following this same methodology that Jesus used.  And, when we reflect on our successes using prayer, we will find that it is indeed successful ... according to our faith in it.  But, where most people fall short, is in believing that their faith must be as great as Jesus' faith.  "May the mind be in me that was in Christ Jesus," is an old affirmation used by students of metaphysics.  But ... this affirmation is inaccurate as it is supposing that Jesus' mind is somehow separate and apart from our mind ... there is only One Mind ... and we are using the same Mind that Jesus used ... that Buddha used, Krishna used ... that anyone alive uses ... the Mind of God.  Our work is to just develop a greater faith in our ability to use this Mind.

     We are always acting in faith, but we are not always maintaining faith in the right things.  Often our faith is in the negative.  We find ourselves believing that "bad things happen to good people" ... and so they do. 
I have learned that whenever I feel "uncomfortable" about a situation or condition, I can strengthen my faith in the Good, by simply asking myself, "where is my faith right now?" ... always knowing that I can choose what I have faith in ... sometimes a little convincing is required.  The question in itself, forces me to make a decision to either believe in the Good or to believe in a contradiction.  And if I find my mind being drawn to "appearances" ... I will ask myself the question again ... and again, if necessary, until I establish in my mind that my only answer can be is that God is Good and God is All.  And so the question is answered and the Truth is registered in my consciousness as faith ... a living faith!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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