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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for August 10,  2014

           This week we continue with our series of five (5) prosperity messages for the month of August, 2014. (The Monday-Friday radio programs are also devoted to Prosperity for August) As we read and study the differing perspectives on how to create an increase in prosperity in our lives, I believe that everyone who desires to do so, will find their own unique expression of the spiritual principle of prosperity that will open the doors of opulent increase of financial prosperity as well as prosperous love and joy and peace and enthusiasm for life.

        I believe that so many of us have been conditioned since birth to accept that poverty or financial struggle are a "fact of life."  And it is this "mold of morbidity" that we must loose from our mind if we are going to experience the measure of prosperity our hearts desire.  

        I will always remember a counseling session I had with a woman in my Beverly Hills office many years ago.  She had achieved her financial wealth through marriage.  She had married extremely wealthy men, five times.  Each time she had come away from the marriage with money and property.  And each time she had struggled to sustain her wealth.  When she came to my office she was still what most of us would consider wealthy ... but she was feeling the fear of Job that she would lose what she had.  In my initial interview with her I asked her what she thought was the basis of her struggle with wealth.  And she told me in simple language, "Honey, I was born on the wrong side of the tracks and I was told as a young girl that if I was ever going to have anything, I had better marry for money."  And that was what she did.

       This woman had conditioned her mind from a young age to the morbid thought that she would have to depend on someone other than herself.  With time and spiritual understanding she came to the awareness that she could prosper from her own intelligence and creative abilities.  And rather than live in fear of her wealth diminishing, she found her way to effect the Divine increase through faith in the power that indwells her.

       Any firmly held belief that denies the power of G-d within us to be self-reliant is part of the morbidity that causes lack and limitation in our lives.  And there are so many morbid thoughts that have conditioned our mind since birth; i.e. the religious teaching that we are "born in sin" ... that a heaven and a hell exist as the finality of life's reward and punishment.   

        Let's look at this changeless truth from Paul Ellsworth's 1914 book "Direct Healing": 
"Poverty, which includes lack of wealth, health and love, is rooted in the subconscious-ness.  It consists of a race idea (world belief), built into the very matrix of every man's soul, that he is a creation instead of a creator.  As long as you believe that you were formed by an exterior power and that your life is directed and surrounded by manifestations of that power, even if you call it "God," or the "Infinite Spirit,' you are going to express in all that you do and all that you are this false idea.  Poverty is the logical working out of a lie..."  

         Ellsworth is taking us into a realm of spiritual reality that so few are prepared to accept as truth; that is, that we are creators, even if we are not conscious that this is so.  This reminds me of a statement from Ernest Holmes in the classic Science of Mind, that whether we are conscious of it or not, we are always using the Law.  And this Law is a law of faith and belief.  It takes a great deal of mental work to see through the mists of world belief to the spiritual reality.  The Master Mind Jesus called his followers to do just that when he said, "be in the world but not of the world." Our belief and even our faith sometimes in poverty and financial loss is validated by the world's belief in these things and so many of us have become mesmerized by them.

Let's go a little further with Ellsworth"But poverty exists; in city and country, here and across the seas, the poor we have always with us,' someone says.  Apparently this is true, but in reality it is not.  About us are people who are closing themselves, unconsciously, of course, to that inflow and outflow of spirit which is typified by breathing.  Spiritually they are "shallow breathers," but when the disagreeable consequences of the lack which this brings with it have permeated their inner consciousness, they will relax from the tension of fear or avarice or dislike which now grips them and will draw in freely the infinite substance.  You would hardly pity the poverty of a man who lived in a great storehouse wherein were all the good things of life, but who kept his fists tight shut and refused to use any of the riches about him.  ... So the problem of the cure of poverty, with which all the civilized world is wrestling in one form or another, reduces itself to the question, "How shall a man express and make manifest the abundance which is now and always has been his?"  And the answer is simple:  First, by realizing intellectually that he desires to express this perfect life and that it is natural and easy for him to do so; second, by permeating and transforming the subconscious-ness with this realization; third, by practicing the science of dynamic and formative spiritual thought, which is possible only to the man who has purged his conscious and subconscious mind of fear and hate and ignorance."

       Ellsworth certainly gives us something to think about and for those who are willing, something to do ... transform our mind ... renew a right spirit within us ... and reason ourselves into thinking, speaking and acting as though we are "in the world but not of the world."  As we loose the morbidity of life, we shall create prosperity and we shall prosper abundantly.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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