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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 10, 2008 

                                              "The Kingdom of Heaven is within us and we experience this Kingdom to the degree that we become conscious of it. ... Dare to say, "Great people have come and gone, and behold, a greater now stands here where I stand, and I am that one." The world will laugh and perhaps scorn. The Christian world will hold up its hands in holy horror, lest you blaspheme; the unchristian world will smile knowingly. Neither the one nor the other will understand, but the understanding of either counts for nothing. You are now free, and your freedom will yet save the world from itself. The great soul finds within itself the divine companionship that we need. We find within ourselves the "Peace which passeth all understanding" and the power to do all things. All Power! We speak, our word is Law, and it is done unto us by all the power there is. Our word knows itself to be the law of life unto all for whom it is spoken and who receive it. ... There is only one Power, but we use it in two ways, either to destroy or to save. The blessing and the curse are one and the same thing; the power of mind used either affirmatively or negatively, the word used in fear and doubt or in faith and assurance." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, "Authority of the Soul"

     Heaven has always been one of the concepts of traditional religion that I have always struggled to understand.  Traditional religions teach that God created the world and gave man (generic) authority and dominion over it.  Yet, throughout history people of traditional religion continue to believe there is a heaven ... somewhere, out there beyond the clouds ... that is more magnificent than this beautiful world that God has created.  As I studied the Bible, I found that Jesus and all the mystics before him, believed in the Presence of God right where we are ... and in the power of the mind to make heaven available right where we are as well. 
"The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you," declared the Master Mind Jesus ... and there has not been one mystic since who contradicted this statement.  Not only does traditional religion teach a heaven and a hell ... although they really can't prove either exists ... they believe that their dogma holds the keys to both.  So, in the reality of fundamentalist religion ... both heaven and hell are gated communities.  Now this truly stretches the imagination!

    For this lesson, let's let go of the fairytales and look to the mysticism of Jesus and the great mystics who came both before and after him, and realize that what the Radical Rabbi was teaching was the Law of Mind ... and few can argue that it is not a Higher Teaching than religious dogma.  Why?  Because it brings us into the realm of the Universal ... that which applies to everyone, everywhere ... both the religious and the non-religious ... the saints and the sinners.  We are all in Mind and Mind is God ... and if we think, we are using the Mind of God ... and when we think ... we are using the Law of this Mind ... always.  Everything is available to us in Mind as long as it does not take away anyone else's freedom or liberty.  We cannot use the Law of Mind to coerce or manipulate another person ... these things only create a negative energy in our own consciousness and provide a consequence for us to experience that usually is not something we desire.

    As we examine our lives in light of the Truth that "the Kingdom of heaven is within," we can begin to make practical use of this realization.  We begin by thinking about all the things that we have been blessed with ... and then think about what we would like to expand.  Mind is infinite and as our thinking becomes more "expansive" we can begin to create within our mind, the "heaven" that we desire to experience.  I suggest that we write down the things that are important to us; health, relationships, career, home, money ... whatever it is that comes to mind.  If we are without any of these but desire them, let's write them down ... remember, we have to begin right where we are ... and we always begin everything in Mind.  

     Let's take money as an example and learn how to make it more expansive and to realize its effect on our lives.  In order to expand our financial condition, we must first think about what we want to "use' money for and how it relates to the things that are important to us.  If we are in a job that
does not compensate us to the level where we can live the way in which we desire to live
... then money is an issue with our career.  If we are in a relationship where lack of money or is an issue for either us or our spouse or partner ... then money is an issue with our relationship.  If we are living in a home that requires repair or just does not meet our needs, then money is an issue in respect to our home.  If we have health issues that require medical attention but we are without health insurance or the money to meet the need ... then money is an issue in regards to our health.  

As we can see, money can be an issue in some of the most important areas of our life ... so we must master money ... and not allow lack of money to master us.  We begin by knowing that there is plenty of money for everything that we can "use" it for.  But, instead of thinking about where the money is going to come from or how we can get more money, instead, let's think that "we have" the money and "we have" the things that we want to use it for.  As we establish this in our consciousness, the money will show up.  We may have to work for it ... we may even find ourselves doing things that we never imagined we would.  Or, we may even receive it from sources that we would never have imagined possible.  Establishing the consciousness of "having" will make us a "money magnet" ... as long as we remain in this consciousness and do not shift back to the "don't have" state of mind.  This is an immutable and eternal Law of God-Mind ... let's not lose sight of this. 

Remember ... whenever we "think" we activate the Law of Mind ... either to create our heaven or to create our hell.  No one can "think" for us ... and no one's thoughts have power against us ... "the Kingdom of heaven is within" ... and we don't have to go anywhere to receive it ... or need anyone's permission to live in It!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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