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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for August 3, 2008 

               "All the mystics have recognized the absolute unity of God and man.  Within the Infinite Mind each individual exists, not as a separated, but as a separate and distinct entity.  We are a point in Universal Consciousness, which is God.  We are not separated from Life, neither is It separated from us, but we are separate entities in It, individualized centers of God Consciousness." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, "The Science of Mind"

     To imagine that the Good that we seek for ourselves does not arise in the Infinite Mind, first, is to lose sight of our immutable and eternal relationship with God, Infinite Spirit.  Everything originates in Mind, and we accept whatever Good we desire through our awareness that this Good is for us.  Whatever ideas come to us for a greater enjoyment and expression of life, is always the Infinite nudging us to accept something greater.  Living a larger life puts us in alignment with the "life more abundant" that the Master Mind Jesus spoke of.

     "Learning to trust will make us happy," Dr. Holmes writes in "The Science of Mind", and he goes on to write that "there is a Power in the Universe that honors our faith in It."  Our "spiritual work" then is to maintain and sustain this trust and faith in our consciousness.  "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand," we have been told, and we can realize it through our trust and faith in the Infinite.  "At hand" means that our Good is available to us waiting for us to accept it.

     Our trust in the Infinite can overcome every obstacle.  And we can realize the Truth of this as we give our attention always to what we want and turn from that which we do not want.  Thinking about how little money we have will never show up as an increase in our bank account.  Thinking about our seeming failures of the past, will never give us success in the present.  We must "consciously" direct our mind daily to that which we desire to experience or to have.  God is always God and is available to us no matter what we may be experiencing, but it is up to us to choose to think towards the Good, to God.

     Most of us have had experiences where we have doubted the Presence of God in the conditions in which we find ourselves.  But, we have learned that this was not the truth at all, for even those things which we thought were desperate, did not defeat us.  And we have realized that this thing that could not be defeated, is this spark of the Divine within us that cannot fail.

     It is a glorious and wonderful thing to be able to say, "I rejoice and give thanks for the best of times and the best of everything" ... especially during the times when our only hope lies in that "something hidden" that has not yet come forth into our physical experience.  To look through conditions that may at first appear troublesome, and to know, in faith, that there is something greater than the condition, strengthens and increases our faith in our relationship to the Infinite.  "Closer to us than breathing," the mystics have stated, and this is an eternal Truth that we can always depend on and know that our trust in It will never be betrayed.  As we affirm that we live in right action and our daily affairs are Divinely guided and directed our lives become prosperous, successful and filled with happiness.

     Each day we must consciously deny anything that contradicts our Good, and instead develop a sense of everything "working towards our Good" and feel a unity with Spirit in all things.  We must learn to imagine what our lives look like as prosperous, successful, affluent, healthy, happy and filled with love.  Do the images in our mind reflect these things?  If not, then we can begin to fill our mind with these images at any time by choosing to do so.  Let us never argue against our Good ... for those who "argue for their limitations" increase their limitations.  We have been created with a Divine Imagination that we can use to develop within our mind any experience that we choose for ourselves.  But, we must take the time and consciously use our imagination to bring these images of that which is more wonderful and more Good into our mind daily and often.

Let us begin in this very moment to dwell on the things that we love, the things that make us feel a greater joy in living.  Let's know together that in due time we can say, "that which I have greatly loved has come upon me."  God, Infinite Spirit, always lets us choose what Good we accept into our experience.  Our spiritual work will fulfill its promises, always.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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