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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 27, 2008 

               "Give yourself to life in love and with faith.  For then you live not on the surface but at the heart of things.  And the heart of things is the heart of God." - James Dillet Freeman, "Be!"

     From "Collected Essays of Robert Bitzer" ... "Confidence without Arrogance" ... The Science of Mind stresses the importance of self-confidence and that man must learn to depend on a principle that will never fail him.  All feelings of inferiority can be negated and all timidity can be wiped out.  Under-confidence, on the other hand, can be a great problem, and the individual who undersells himself can be a great sufferer.

     At the opposite end of this mental spectrum, you find the individual who is overconfident, becoming arrogant.  How can students of The Science of Mind be overconfident?  By presuming to be that which they have not yet unfolded the ability to be.  A person may act prematurely or step into a position for which he or she has not yet qualified himself.  Yet, the Science of Mind says you can do anything you want.

     Evidently there is a balanced or middle course that you can choose.  To be sure, you can be whatever you want to be, provided you qualify yourself to be that.  In order to be an opera-singer, you would have to provide the voice and personality that could handle the opera.  If you desire greater wealth, you must equip yourself mentally with the consciousness of great wealth.  A tremendous mental equivalent must be acquired.  Ernest Holmes, in The Science of Mind, say, "If you cannot walk on water, take a boat."  Whatever you want to be, you have to equip yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to be.

     The answer to your dilemma is that both ends of the spectrum suffer from the same cause.  The under-confident and the over-confident have the same mental desires or basic feelings of inadequacy.  The under-confident person shows a lack of initiative.  This person expects to be forgiven for not making better progress.  "You can't expect more from the poor dear."  The over-confident person tends to throw out a smoke screen to prevent people seeing his or her own feeling of insecurity.

     Your answer then is:  Man is God Mind consciously expressing itself.  Your thought must function on the God level, which means that your God awareness establishes the equivalent of God awareness in your expression in the outer world.  True confidence means that you "deliver the goods."  When you state that you will succeed, you know that you will succeed, because you will put into your world of expression all the endeavor necessary to bring that success to pass." <end>

      Functioning on the "God level", as Dr. Bitzer instructs that we must do, begins with celebrating and being glad that we know that God is expressing Itself as us and through us.  We must celebrate the Good that we receive and maintain a sense of gratitude, for gratitude and gladness strengthens our faith.  As our faith is increased we establish the awareness of God working through us, as us to a greater degree.  And in this heightened awareness, we can remain confident, not in our own ability to do and to be that which we choose to do or to be, but in God's ability to do and to be through us, as us.

     Whenever we face any seeming difficulty, we can ask ourselves, "is this greater than my faith?" ... and we can affirm that our faith is always greater than anything that appears to obstruct our Good. 
"My faith contains the power and the Presence of God.  My faith is God's faith in me and this faith cannot waver or become doubtful.  This faith sustains me in health, happiness, success and prosperity.  I have the greatest confidence in this faith.  I celebrate life with a glad heart, today and always."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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