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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 13, 2008 

               "The secret of prayer and its power in the outward life depends upon an unconditioned faith in, and reliance upon this inner Presence.  We must enter the closet.  That is, we are to shut out all else and enter the Presence of Spirit, in quietness and confidence - believing.  Prayer has power, not through repetition, but by belief and acceptance.  Prayer is to be simple, direct and receiving.  We are to believe that God indwells our own life, that this Divine Presence is sufficient for all needs.  We are to believe that God will provide for and bless us abundantly.  And when we enter this secret place, we are to leave all else behind; all hate, animosity and vindictiveness, for only in so doing can we enter." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

     In these few statements Dr. Holmes is giving us great insight into our relationship with the Infinite Spirit.  We believe that God indwells our own life and that this Divine Presence is sufficient for all our needs, by affirming that it is ... and persistently affirming until we
"absolutely believe it".  There is no power in repetition.  We may have to affirm only once to believe and accept our Good, or we may have to affirm a thousand times ... repetition opens our mind to believe ... and belief connects us, in mind, to the Power of God.  Dr. Holmes stresses that we are to leave behind all hate, animosity and vindictiveness.  In contemporary terms these include prejudice, bigotry, homophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism and racism ... and on an even more personal level, shame, guilt and blame.  In scripture this is stated as, "narrow is the gate, straight is the way, but few are those who enter."  We do not enter because of our unbelief ... we have not left behind or eliminated duality in our minds; Good and evil ... when in Truth, there is only Good, or God.  Truth is a straight line ... It is Absolute.

Charles Haanel, in his classic 1912 book, "The Master Key System," writes something very similar to Dr. Holmes:  "Everything which we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our subconscious and so becomes a pattern which the creative energy will weave into our life and environment.  This is the secret of the wonderful power of prayer. ... The real secret of power is consciousness of power.  The Universal Mind (God, Infinite Spirit), is unconditional; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with this mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations, and as we become emancipated or freed from conditions we come into a realization of the unconditional.  We have become free! ... As soon as we become conscious of the inexhaustible power in the world within, we begin to draw on this power and apply and develop the greater possibilities which this discernment has realized, because whatever we become conscious of is invariably manifested in the objective (material) world, is brought forth into tangible expression. ... This is because the Infinite Mind, which is the source from which all things proceed, is one and indivisible, and each individual is a channel whereby this Eternal Energy is being manifested.  Our ability to think is our ability to act upon this Universal substance, and what we think is what is created or produced in the objective world."

     And so we see that everything that we desire to experience in our lives depends on mental attitude.  Our mental attitude is our personality.  We all know people who have a "wonderful personality" ... or a "persuasive personality" ... we see them this way because of what they hold in their consciousness.  All metaphysicians understand that our predominant thoughts, or mental attitude, attracts its own ... "like attracts like" ... let's not let appearances deceive us, "opposites attract" ... is a contradiction of spiritual law and is an illusion.  No matter how difficult it is to accept at times, we always attract to us what we hold in our consciousness ... that is the predominate beliefs we hold in consciousness.  Someone who has been robbed may ask, "does this mean I attracted this into my experience?"   And the answer is no, you did not ... the belief that you have held in your consciousness about loss or discord of some kind, attracted this.  Not you, but the belief ... and we have the ability to eliminate the belief.

     There is only One Power, and It is Omnipotent, and we draw on, or use, this Power, as we believe and accept that nothing can oppose it, that we are Divinely supported in accepting our Good.  But, we must cease believing that we must "learn" how to do it ... and instead, realize that all we must do is "remember" that we can use this Power, that it is available to us now and always.  We have allowed what we have learned in the world to create a veil of false belief to separate us from God ... from Power.  But as we daily go into the Silence and let the Spirit stir up our remembrance ... and affirm that we now have the "power to prosper" ... we shall prosper ... abundantly!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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