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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for July 12, 2015

           We can read in the Bhagavad Gita and in the Old Testament and the Gospels of the Holy Bible that it is done unto us according to our belief or the measure of our faith.  In contemporary terms this is called the Law of Attraction and in 20th Century metaphysics it is call the Law of Mind.  Both terms are synonymous and both describe a spiritual law that is universal, unchanging and eternal.  When we read the word "Lord" in spiritual writings we can substitute it for Law of Our Mind just as we can substitute the word "soul" for consciousness.  All is Mind or Spirit and so as we learn to tap into this law we can achieve the greater things still that we desire to experience.   

           A good example of how this law works was illustrated to me recently when talking with one of the followers of this ministry.  She had begun "tithing" to this work several months ago and it had become a "pattern of belief" in her mind that through her tithes she was increasing her measure of faith and was beginning to see the "increase" appear in her life in various ways.  She candidly confided to me that recently she had experienced an increase in the amount of money required of her to meet certain unexpected expenses.  It had entered her mind to wonder how she was going to be able to send her tithe and at the same time meet her financial requirements.  When the thought entered her mind she immediately rejected it and said to her self that all things would work out in some way even though it was unknown to her at the time how it would.  As things will be when we have applied the Law of Mind to our actions, her subconscious pattern demonstrated her desire to tithe and also provided for her an increase in money that was both unexpected and also required for her to have the state of mind to freely give her tithe with grace and ease.

        Once we tap into the Law with both our faith and our actions it will attract to us people and opportunities that will amaze us.  As we read in the ancient wisdom "faith without works is dead" ... we must put ourselves in a position to realize the "works" of our faith in order to develop a greater consciousness of success and prosperity in all that we do.  In The Way to a Wonderful Life we realize that there are many "ways" in which we can develop our consciousness of prosperity, health, happiness and more, we just must find the "way" that works for us.

         Let's look at these words from the metaphysical classic "Seed Money In Action" by John Hoshor: 
"In the parable of the talents Jesus told about three men.  One had been given one talent, another had been given two talents and the third had been given five talents.
       A Roman talent was a denomination of money approximately equivalent to $500.
        The man who had the two talents doubled his, as did the man who had the five talents.  They were each commended and promised:  "thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things."  In this effect this was saying that the principle they had applied could be used over and over again ad infinitum, that it was Unlimited in its operation.
         The man who had one talent did not multiply it but instead buried it in the ground.  He was reprimanded and told that his one talent would be taken from him.
          Use part of your money as "seed money" and you will become prosperous, exceedingly prosperous.
           In the parable of the talents Jesus illustrated why many people fail even today in their attempts to practice the Principle of Seed Money.
           The man with the one talent - who failed to increase it - explained:  "I was afraid, and went and hid they talent in the earth."
            Many people who sometimes attempt to work the Law of Tenfold Return fail through fear - created and perpetuated only by themselves.  The Law of Tenfold Return is only the orderly working of God in our minds, our bodies, and our affairs.  On United States dollar bills is written:  "IN GOD WE TRUST" - very good advice.
             Those who do not receive their tenfold return because of fear that it is lost, lose their money as surely as the man who buried his talent in the ground ultimately lost his.  In trusting God (Law) one cannot fear - and the Principle of Seed Money demands absolute trust in God - Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence.

         It is within our own power to overcome fear and in doing so to overcome lack and limitation.  The Master Mind Jesus stated, "he who has much will have even greater still and he who has little will lose even what little he has" and in these words we can realize the lack of wisdom in hanging on to our "small-ness" and realize within our own mind that we do have the ability to tap into the infinite abundance that is available to us through the Law of our mind. 
John Hoshor's "Seed Money" concept is a "way" of using our mind to make use of a Law that always responds to each and every one of us in the same precise way.  It responds by corresponding to what we believe to be true for us ... providing that our belief contains the an element of conviction.  It's so easy once we put fear and self-doubt and past experiences out of our mind and make a definite decision to let G-d Power and Intelligence work for us, through us.

           John Hoshor clarifies his "way" as follows: "There is a distinct difference between the tithe and Seed Money.  The tithe is a gift AFTER you have made the income.  Seed Money is a gift in order to claim a TENFOLD RETURN.  Seed Money applies the Law directly, and therefore much more effectively.  In utilizing the Seed Money Principle you are saying in effect:  "Here's the SEED I plant.  Here's the investment I make with God.  Here's the money with which I bless my fellow beings.  I claim my tenfold return.  I am drawing on my Unlimited account with the Infinite."  

    There is no magic in Principle.  We are either believing that it is or we are believing that it is not and we get what we believe whichever it may be.  It is part of our human experience that we experience our ups and downs, but we can also find mastery in keeping our faith with the Intelligence that created all that we can see and beyond.  Some final words from John Hoshor:  "Surely it is possible to demonstrate a larger than tenfold return.  But keep in mind that even Jesus, the Christ Spirit personified, did not walk on water all of the time."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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