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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 6, 2008 

               "When I found I had crossed that line, [on her first escape from slavery, 1845] I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person.  There was such a glory over everything." - Harriet Tubman (1820?-1913)

Even those who have the most basic understanding of metaphysics and the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus, know that "freedom" is of the Spirit ... we are meant to be free ... freedom is in our DNA.  Whenever we feel trapped, we seek to escape our entrapment.  This has been true throughout the history of the world.  The seeking of freedom has an inherent power in it energizing the human mind.  Our thoughts of freedom lift us to a higher vibration of energy in mind.  Spirit is Mind and Mind is God, so our conclusion is that the more we desire freedom, the more we desire to express the Life of Spirit within us.

As I sat in meditation on the 4th of July, Independence Day here in the United States, my thoughts went to freedom.  It was over a hundred years after Harriet Tubman expressed her feelings after crossing that line, that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. exclaimed, "free at last, free at last!"  Human bondage is not unique to America ... it was just more disgraceful because our Constitution proclaims that "All Men Are Created Equal" ... no slave, no servant, no slave owner or master is derived from these words.  These words spoke to the Spirit in all men and women for they connect us to the Highest Truth about us.  But, slavery is subtle ... and like poverty, disease and other ills ... it has not been completely eliminated from the collective consciousness yet ... not in America or other parts of the world.  It has just taken on different forms.

     I love America, and since God has created me with the capacity to do so, I love the entire Universe, for I know It is the Body of God.  But, for this lesson I am going to refer to America as we can only tell the truth about what we know to be the truth.  This is a lesson about escaping economic poverty in 2008 ... in America.  Who are these people escaping "economic poverty"? ... they are the 12-million people who are referred to as "illegal aliens" ... a distinction given them by politicians.  Knowing that words have power, these words, "illegal aliens" were chosen specifically to alienate Americans from displaying any compassion for them.  Being for or against "illegal aliens" can make the difference between a politician being elected ... or not.  Politicians who have never met an "illegal alien" will use this term freely to arouse the worst in the consciousness of the voting public.  And, by and large, most people don't understand that "negative" thoughts and ideas can only create more negativity ... in other words, we continue to fill our Congress with ineffective people who have lost their focus on solutions in lieu of blame!  Blame never gets us to solutions ... for it negates the very Good that is possible.

     There is a solution.  We will find it as we gain a greater understanding of the consciousness of those who are immigrating.  Like Harriet Tubman, they are escaping "entrapment" ... the prison of poverty ... and seeking "freedom" from it.  The latest census for Mexico listed the population at 103,263,338 ... so, we can know that not everyone in Mexico is seeking to migrate to the United States.  The latest United States census listed the population at 286,196,812 ... not counting undocumented immigrants.  However, if wages in America for unskilled labor was at $2-$4 a day ... and in Mexico the same type of labor paid $10-12 an hour ... how many Americans would cross the border into Mexico?  I would imagine more than a few would be willing to swim across a river or jump a fence if this were the case.  The desire to escape "economic poverty" and experience freedom from it, is just as strong in Americans as it is in our brothers and sisters across the border.

     Whenever I hear that there are "12-million illegal aliens" in the United States, I realize that there are "12-million people who are not free" ... living their lives daily in the "shadow of freedom" yet not free. 
People who are working to provide for their families and at the same time living in fear of being deported back to $2-$4 a day compensation for their labor.  And most Americans are not even conscious of the benefits that we receive from the labor of these workers or what they went through to make it into this country.  Can any of us imagine what it takes to save the money to get into this country while working for $2-$4 a day?  And how impossible it would be for most of these workers to have the necessary time or the money to do what is necessary to come here legally?  Can't we see how strong this desire for freedom is that so many of our immigrant population will climb a fence, swim a river ... and worse ... to get into a country where most do not even speak the language ... in hopes of escaping economic poverty?  This takes great faith, strength and hope ... and these come from the Spirit.

     It is time we "raised our consciousness" regarding immigrants.  It is time for us to see them as our brothers and sisters, rather than "aliens."  They are here  ... they are in the same "image and likeness of God" that we are.  We are One with them in Spirit and in Truth.  It is the Truth that we are "always in our right and perfect place" ... and so it is for our immigrant population ... it would be foolish for us to think otherwise.   There is an immigration solution that will benefit all of us ... and it is time for us to know what it is, so that "free" means "freedom for everyone"!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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