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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for June 14, 2015

           "The Spirit in mankind is like unto its source, - perfect, true, illimitable.  This consciousness of "Truth" inspires mankind to a higher and nobler life.  This true self can see only good, for this is created in God's Image and Likeness.  There are not two realities, one good, the other evil, therefore the false self is seeming, not a reality.  Mankind's duty is to overcome false-thinking.  The way we can do it is by refusing to recognize it.  Jesus in his ministration to mankind gave the false self no recognition, thereby banishing to the realm of nothingness this seeming evil, by knowing only the good.  He gave out these words for the encouragement of those following after him:  "Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."  Having overcome, he knew that others could do likewise and receive the same reward." - Isadora H. Minard, Prove Me Now (1903) (modified to gender-neutral)

            The most important words for us in this lesson are "by knowing only the good."  This does not mean that there is not evil in the world.  What it means is that we know that beyond the seeming appearance of evil, good reigns Supreme.  All things, even the evil, will work to the good in some way even when our human mind cannot fathom how it is possible.  In this is the mystery that mankind senses but can never truly define.

Here we find some clarification: "Mankind, through false reasoning, and in direct contradiction to the admonition of Jesus, has been led to believe that no one can possibly attain to the perfection the Christ did; that it is impossible to overcome human nature with its beliefs in dis-ease, temptations, and passions.  Mankind has placed a limitation upon themselves, - we might, perhaps, pass beyond a medium point of advancement in spiritual things, but it seemed doubtful.  Mankind has ridiculously overreached ourselves by judging the works of the Creator to be imperfect and by putting a veto upon the words of the Master (whom mankind dared not follow) but who said:  "They that believeth on me, the works that I do shall they do also; and greater works than these shall they do; because I go unto my Father.  The words "believeth on me" simply means the "I am," the "divine spark" in each individual.  Every one who recognizes this "I am" within ones self knows they are a "Son of God" born in "God's image and likeness" and will be able to do the works as Jesus stated."  

          It has often been said and written that we come into this world with the purpose to enjoy this Thing called Life.  Yet, the false teachings of the world, especially from the religious, forms in our mind those things that diminish if not take completely our joy away.  Joy is to the soul as food is to the body.  It is a necessity if we are going to live to the fullness of the good that Life has to offer us.  The world will tell us that we can never "make it" if we don't have money or education or be born into the "right" family.  The world will tell us that some are superior and others inferior based on a myriad of false-truths that far too many have so easily accepted as true.  The "equality" that so many seek to be validated in their outer experience is resident within each and every one of us by Divine inheritance.  

          Religion has raised the Master Mind Jesus to the level of a superior being that rarely do we see evidence of anyone who chooses to make it their "ideal" to master the spiritual principles that he taught so that we can demonstrate his words as the Truth for all to see.  In fact, his teachings are taught more as "platitudes" rather than "truth principles."  Far too many people have so utterly obscured the truth of his life and teachings that what he has told us we are capable of doing has fallen on deaf ears, if heard at all.  Metaphysics, Practical Christianity and The Course in Miracles have still not come to the awareness of the masses of people even those these teachings have focused dynamically on the spiritual principles that Jesus taught so clearly in order for all those who seek the Truth will develop the consciousness to find it.

"Who has faith?  The true self, the "I am" consciousness, the divine man.  This faith will always raise mankind from a low degree of understanding to a higher degree of wisdom.
              Miss Whiting said, in the World Beautiful:  "Faith is a force, a force as positive as electricity; it is a spiritual motor, and as such is much more potent than any physical motor, as spirit is more potent than matter."  This being a truth, then it is faith that wins.  Confidence in one's own forces will carry mankind forward to success when failure seems inevitable.  A man who can neither read or write may win fame among men through deeds of valor.  He may prove a most successful business man, possessing untold wealth, while his neighbor, who was educated in the foremost college of the land, drags through life barely earning a pittance for himself.  The one has self-confidence in his own ability to accomplish whatever he undertakes and this very faith brings success.  The other, having no established faith in the power within himself, leans on the knowledge of what others have said and done; therefore he fears and depreciates himself.  Because he has no confidence in himself no one trusts him.

Those who lack faith in themselves are susceptible to thinking that G-d will "favor" them ... that they have "favor."  But, without self-confidence fueled by faith not only in G-d but in themselves as well, G-d can do little "through" them and what G-d does for us ... G-d must and always does "through us."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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